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CR 46153R at East Palestine, OH in April, 1978. This one has blanked cupola windows.
Photo by Charlie Bowyer (39k)
CR 46165R at East Palestine, OH in September, 1978. Note the original trucks on this and CR 46153R.
Photo by Charlie Bowyer (48k)

CR 46101R ex EL C-133 same as class N-3 at Berea, OH.
Photo by Dan Dorko (54k)
CR 46127R ex PC 19302 ex PRR 479716 class N-5 at Cresson, PA. A gray cabin on a gray day, May 1990.
Photo by Doug Trueblood (54k)

CR 46115 ex PC 19188 ex PRR N-5 477007 at Allentown, PA on 2/28/82.
Photo by Randy Mower (68k)

M of W General Info
46101-46199 30002-30008.
These cars were taken from several classes and painted gray with black lettering, some were already in work train service on the PC. A few M of W cabeese were from the EL, the remainder had PC/PRR or NH origins. 56 were from the N-5 class. Two cars from the Monongahela, 901 and 903, have been assigned to work train service without renumbering. For details see M of W renumbering table.

Preserved cars that were assigned to M of W service are listed under their original class.

Articles about M of W Cabooses
  • "Conrail Color Guide to Freight Equipment", Larry DeYoung, Pages 24 and 31.
    Photos and informational captions.
    • CR 30008, an N-5B.
    • CR 46111, an N-3.
    • CR 46126, an N-5.
    • CR 46149, an ex NH NE-5, PC and CR class NE-6.

Modeling M of W cars
For specific info on the M of W cars refer to the following classes:

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