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There are two different subclasses in this group. PC grouped the New Haven NE-5s and NE-6s together in the NE-6 class. Because of the differences I have created a page for each type, this page covers the NH NE-6 class, the other page covers the NH NE-5 class cars.

CR 23879 from above, at Buckeye Yard in Columbus, OH on November 11, 1982.
Photo by Jim Hebner (55k)
PC 19860, ex NH 652 still equipped with roof walks and ladders.
Photo by Jim Hebner (59k)

Unit 15 at The Red Caboose Motel in Strasburg, PA.
This NE-6 comes with a somewhat creative LGB paint job. August, 1997.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (39k)

Detail photos of the nicely restored black and white NH NE-6 705 on display with NE-5 sister 605 at Catawissa, PA. The first photo is the brake equipment on the smokejack side, second is the smokejack end of the car, note the fuel fill installed in the blanked window, heavy door frame construction and unusual railings on the end of the carbody. Photo three is of the opposite side of the car and shows the air resevoir, the last photo show cupola detail. This car carried the number CR 19805. Photos by T.W.Wolfgang (62k,67k,65k and 48k respectively)

former NE-6 Class Data
89 cars 19605, 19606, 19797-19883, 23800-23832, 23862-23880 ex PC 19700, 19800-19887, 23803, 30002, 30006 ex NH 510-707 broken, mixed with N-8A and N-8B classes. Two additional cars from the Raritan River added in 1980, 19795 ex RR 9 and another unknown at this time.
The real NE-6 subclass has riveted sides and a peaked roof, C635-C709 were built by Railway Equipment Company in 1947-48. 15 cars in the 23800 series were renumbered into the 19000s in 1978/79, 19808 was then renumbered back to 23822 in 1980. The Raritan River cars may be ex NH, anybody know for sure? The build date of 1944 listed in "Conrail Color Guide to Freight Equipment" by Larry DeYoung is not in the range of the NH cars.

Outline created from photo of PC 19860 and measurements of NH 705.
by T.W.Wolfgang

former NE-6 Dimensions
Length over
34' 0" 27' 4" 18' 10" 9' 5" 11' 6" 13' 10" 47000

Sources : Field measurements of Walt Gosciminski's NH 705

Articles about the NE-6
  • "Conrail Color Guide to Freight Equipment", Larry DeYoung, Pages 15 and 21.
    Photos and informational captions.
    • CR 19795.
    • CR 23832.

Modeling the former NE-6
I was not aware of any plastic models of these cars, I am sure there were some brass versions made. The ex NH NE-6s have rivited side sheets and would be more of a challenge than the former NE-5s. The roof is peaked with a single raised panel on each section.
Wayne Yancey adds : As a fan of the New Haven , I found a Banch Line kit # 11305 ( Round house Products) that represents the NE-6 in HO scale. The only thing that might be off in appeance a double rivet line just below the window line.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Drawings of the former NE-6
NE-6 plans
New Haven C-635 to C-709(47k)
NH tracing from George Elwood's web site, contributed by Tom Gardner.
Please visit George's Erie Lackawanna and other Fallen Flag and Shortline Railroad Photos.

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