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N-22 Class Data
Proposed Class, never constructed.
The N-22 caboose would have been built to Specification 5027-C or a later revision after discussions with any bidders.

Supplements to this Specification would have had some, if not all, of these cars fitted with National Swing Motion Trucks. All trucks, whether National or Barber Bettendorf Swing Motion, would have had end of axle, Spicer driven alternators.

The electrical system would have been more reliable with built in protective devices.

All of the glazing would have been 9/16", FRA Type I, as opposed to FRA type I in the end windows and FRA Type II in the side windows. The reason was to prevent mistakes in replacement windows. The inventory costs of two types of windows would be reduced. Both the end and side fixed windows would be the same size.

Basically the N-22 would have been an improved version of the N-21. The extra seats in the interior and seats at the conductors' desks would have been superior to those in the N-21.

Information provided by John Reehling

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