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Former Conrail 19075, these professional photos seem to have been airbrushed, they still show much useful modeling detail. According to Ed they were used by an individual purchasing cabooses for resale. Contributed by Edward O'Donnell

CR M of W 46163R awaiting it's PRR lettering at Carlisle, OH (78k).
Three interior shots of the same car, 56k, 45k and 57k respectively.
Also at the same location is CR 18006 and and one B&O and one C&O car.
Photos by Jim Stewart

CR 19381R at Cly interlocking in Cly, PA early '80s.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (61k)
CR 19099 at Charleston, WV.
Photo by Jim Hebner (50k)

CR 19333 in Lincoln, NH on the Hobo Railroad taken in March or April of 1994.
Photo by Tom Mahon (59k)
At Coshocton, OH on the Ohio Central PRR N-5 5012 shares the track with another car, possibly ex WM based on the windows.
From the collection of Roger Kirkpatrick (99k)

PC 19248 this is the next project for The Cumberland Valley Chapter N.R.H.S. in Chambersburg, PA. They have Bowser HO models, painted and lettered for the N-5 restoration project. They come with a numbered certificate, prices are $15 a kit; $19 built; $4.50 postage and handling. Make check or money order out to Cumberland Valley Chapter N.R.H.S. P.O. BOX 1317, Chambersburg, PA. 17201-1317.
Photo by Jim Hermsdorfer (99k)

N-5 Class Data
328 cars conveyed to Conrail, 125 renumbered CR, 56 to M of W service, 117 scrapped by CR, 15 sold before renumbering and 15 to Amtrak. 19026-19099 ex PC 19001-19418, 19108-1941 ex PRR 5001-5034, 476933-477616, 478500-478519, 478876-478888, 479701-479717. There are some cars of other classes in these number blocks including N-5A, N-5B, N-5D and N-5F.
Pennsy's first all-steel design. This class and the N-5A and N-5B variants were the most common style of caboose on Conrail, there were almost twice as many in these classes than any other one class. Built 1916-1929. These cars received quite a few modifications during their long lives, including the addition of the heavy collision posts and end platform changes. It also appears that teh end roofline was modified when the collision posts were added. Did any of the survivors not have the heavy collision posts? The original trucks on these cars were archbar leaf spring types, later replaced by short, 5' 3" wheelbase trucks with coil springs. When later modern leaf spring trucks with longer wheelbases were subsituted the steps had to be moved out toward the ends of the car. Pennsy modelers should take note of tracing E-443454B, no collision posts, the stack is in a different location and the end sills are straight.

Outline created from Bowser model by T.W.Wolfgang.
Update outline based on the tracings below coming soon!

N-5 Dimensions
Length over
28' 11 1/2" 24' 0 5/8" 19' 0" 9' 9 5/8" 10' 11 9/16" 13' 5 1/2" 43150

Sources : PRR Tracing E-443454B and quick field measurements of CR 20043

Modeling the N-5
Bowser produces an excellent model of this car. Most cars had roofwalks removed, ladders cut down and a plate installed on the right side of the end platform. The trucks in the kit are also incorrect and should be replaced with a leaf spring type with journal bearings. Steps may have to be moved out toward the ends to clear the larger trucks, this was done on some prototypes. Pennsy modelers should take note of tracing E-443454B, no collision posts, the stack is in a different location and the end sills are straight.

Quality Craft Models produced a stamped metal and wood kit, I don't know if it is still available.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Articles about the N-5
  • "Conrail Cabooses," Frank A. Czubryt, Jr. Rails Northeast. Oct. '81, Pages 22-35.
    Photos and class number information.
    • CR 19230, b&w.

Drawings of the N-5
N-5 side/end
N-5 plan
Side and end views(44k) Floor plan(23k)
PRR tracings from Robert Schoenberg's web site, contributed to Rob by Tom Gardner via George Elwood. If you are into the Pennsy, Rob has MANY more locomotive, passenger and freight car tracings available on Rob's Pennsy Homepage. There are also 300 dpi versions of the Cabin tracings available there too!

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