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CR 19575 in July 1979.
Photo by Jim Hebner (41k)

N-5F Class Data
3 cars 2 renumbered 19575,46160 ex PC 19575,19576 ex PRR 477217,477439.
The N-5F was an eight-car class of improved N-5 cabins that lacked the improved collision protection found on the N-5A. On its right side it had a large tool box suspended from the sill like that found on the N8. The picture of CR 19575 shows what looks like a fuel fill on the side? PC 19574 ex PRR 479701 was scrapped before renumbering. 19575 was built 8-18. See N-5 for additional data. Other cars were PRR 477150,477227,477335,477457, 478503 and 479701.

Outline created from Bowser model by T.W.Wolfgang.

Modeling the N-5F
Bowser produces an excellent model of this car. Most cars had roofwalks removed, ladders cut down and a plate installed on the right side of the end platform. The trucks in the kit are also incorrect and should be replaced with a leaf spring type with journal bearings. Steps may have to be moved out toward the ends to clear the larger trucks, this was done on the prototype.

Quality Craft Models produced a stamped metal and wood kit, I don't know if it is still available.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

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