References in Print

Rails Northeast, October '81
Roster and photos of most classes.

The Car and Locomotive Cyclopedia '80 Simmons-Boardman
Photos and rough plans. Conrail class N-21.

Railroad Model Craftsman

Model Railroader

Model Railroading

Rail Classics


Mainline Modeler

Eire Lackawanna Historical Society

Susquehannock, Cent. PA Chap., NRHS, Sept. '95, "More OVHX Cabooses", p.3.

Reading Company Technical & Historical Society Beeline, Winter '85.

If you are aware of any articles or books not listed please send information I would like to obtain copies of all of these articles for my files. I am trying to locate back issues of the more recent articles. For the older issues photocopies would be appreciated. I will reimberse any copying and mailing costs if you desire.
original on file
photocopy on file

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