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The first graph shows where Conrail's Caboose fleet came from.

pie chart

This graph shows the makeup of Conrail's fleet on April 1, 1976. The 'types' listed are my own and group cars with similar characteristics.

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  • Streamlined cupola : ex Pennsy N-5C and N-8. Streamlined cupola, porthole windows on N-5C, rectangular on N-8.
  • Cupola type : ex Pennsy N-5,N-5A,N-5B,N-5E& N-5F, ex EL N-3,N-3A & N-8D, ex NH NE-6. 'Plain old caboose', styles varied widely based on predecessor.
  • Small bay window : ex NYC N-7,N-7A,N-7B & N-7C, ex PC N-10 & N-12 (N-21s were not yet on roster). Bay is small and does not extend the full hight of the carbody.
  • Bay window with blanked cupola : ex ATSF N-5K, ex NH N-8A & N-8B. Older cupola cars that had their cupola windows blanked and bay windows added.
  • Northeastern : ex RDG N-4 & N-4A, ex CNJ N-4B, ex LV N-5G. Centered cupola, four pairs of side windows.
  • Wide vision : ex RDG N-20. Cupola is wider than main carbody.
  • Transfer : ex NYC N-6A & ex PC N-9/9E, N-11/11E. No cupola or bay windows, large open end platforms.

The next two graphs show the same data as above on December 2, 1996. M of W cars are not included.
Ancestry of active cars.

pie chart

Types of active cars December 2, 1996. M of W not included.

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