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I did these renderings when I first created the site, since then I have collected a lot more information about Conrail's cabooses. The scaling on these drawings is off a bit because I didn't have all of the data at the time. I am still looking for that color photo of the first one too!

Conrail 21736 class N-7 in safety scheme
Safety Scheme Caboose
This rendering was made from black & white photos and a description.
If anyone has a color picture I would like to display it on these pages.

Conrail 21110 class N-7D, unusual long logo
Bay window caboose, long logo

Conrail 21262 class N-21
N-21 bay window caboose, standard length logo.

Conrail M of W N-5
M of W N-5 caboose, gray/black lettering

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