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An 'artistically vandalized' transfer hack at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia. Photographer could not find one good marking on the car however, the trucks are stenciled CR 23303 which of course does not fit the class!
Photos by Steve Agostini, 35k and 44k.

CR 18006 on display at Carlisle, OH. Plans are to restore it to it's original NYC scheme. Also at the same location is an PRR N-5 and and one B&O and one C&O car.
Photos by Jim Stewart, 83k and 77k.

CR 18006 at Springfield, OH in 1986.
Photo by Jim Hebner (54k)
CR 18028 at Springfield, OH in 1986.
Photo by Jim Hebner (72k)

The photographer was involved in the renovation of former CR 18015,
shown as Catskill Mountain Railroad 697 in Kingston, NY taken early '97.
Photo by John A. Isaksen - copyright '97 (72k)

N-6A Class Data
146 cars 18006-18194 ex PC/NYC 18006-18194.
Transfer type, large end platforms, no bays or cupola. These cars were built from old 40' boxcars by the NYC in the 1960s, the build dates of 1942 to 1945 are the dates the the original boxcars were constructed. Data indicates that these cars may have been built with wooden end platforms later changed to an open grating like a metal running board. These cars were originally equipped with running boards, later removed.

There were 50 cars built at East Rochester Car Shops as DSI Lot 103 as follows:
NYC 18156-18194 39 cars
DT 33-42 10 cars
CI 67 1 car
I don't know if the Detroit Terminal cars found there way back to CR in 1981 when that road was pulled into the Conrail family.

The prototype for what became the N-6A was nothing more than a box placed on a standard flat car. There were six(6) cars, NYC 18000-18005 as follows:
18000,18001 1961 42' Flat Car, Lot 598F
18002-18004 1962 50' Flat Car, Lot 845F
18005 1963 50' Flat Car, Lot 829F
These cars never had Lot Numbers assigned as cabooses. Table data provided by John Reehling.
None of these cars made it to Conrail. 18003 scrapped 10/24/75, 18004 scrapped 1971 and 18005 scrapped 7/12/75. I don't know the dispositions of the other 3.

Outline created from a drawing by John A.Isaksen and other photos.

N-6A Dimensions
Length over
41' 9 1/2" 23' 6 3/4" 30' 9 1/2 10' 6 7/8" 12' 3" 46200

Source : NYC Tracing and Rail Classics, July, 1988

Modeling the N-6A
These cars were built for 40' boxcars and an Athearn 40' box may be a good start, platforms on the ends of these cars were originally solid but may have been replaced with open grating in later years. Diagonal panel roof. The complicated end railings could be fabricated from brass wire and strips. Custom Brass has produced this car in HO scale.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Articles about the N-6A
  • "Conrail Cabooses," Frank A. Czubryt, Jr. Rails Northeast. Oct. '81, Pages 22-35.
    Photos and class number information.
    • CR 18115, b&w.
  • Railroad Model Craftsman June, 1974
    NYC/PC class N-6. I would like to obtain a copy of this article.

Drawings of the N-6A
N-6A drawing NYC tracing found on George Elwood's web site, contributed by Tom Gardner, used with permission. This drawing also refers to N-9 and N-9E series numbers and appears to have been used for all three classes.
Please visit George's Erie Lackawanna and other Fallen Flag and Shortline Railroad Photos.

N-6A drawing This drawing(50k) of the N-6A class was created by John A. Isaksen. Copyright with all rights reserved by the draftsman. John also included a photograph(72k) of the car that the drawing was based on, Catskill Mountain 697, ex CR 18015.

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