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There are two different subclasses in this group. PC grouped the New Haven NE-5s and NE-6s together in the NE-6 class. Because of the differences I have created a page for each type, this page covers the NH NE-5 class, the other page covers the NH NE-6 class cars.

CR 19798, an ex NH NE-5 at Charlotte, NY on December 30, 1978.
Photo by Jim Hebner (50k)
Nice 3/4 view of a clean former NH NE-5 reclassed NE-6 PC 19864.
From the collection of Clint Chamberlin (50k)

This orange car is former NH NE-5 605 at Catawissa, PA. It was assigned 19843 by CR.
Photo by Walter Gosciminski (90k)
New Haven NE-5 C-627 restored in a more appropriate manner is located at the Danbury Railway Museum in Danbury, CT.
Photo by Randy Natale, Danbury Railway Museum (72k)

If you pass through Wommelsdorf, PA on Rt 422 stop at this McDonald's and have lunch in this nicely restored car. It is an ex NH NE-5(Conrail class NE-6) painted in RDG colors probably due to being in former Reading territory. The number is from the NMn series, a wood sheathed design that did not survive into Conrail. The resturant itself is decorated in a railroad theme.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (113k)

former NE-5 Class Data
89 cars 19605, 19606, 19797-19883, 23800-23832, 23862-23880 ex PC 19700, 19800-19887, 23803, 30002, 30006 ex NH 510-707 broken, mixed with N-8A and N-8B classes.
The NE-5s were built for the New Haven in three groups by Pullman Standard C510-C534 in 1940, C535-C584 in 1942 and C585-C634 in 1944. This group has steel side sheets that are formed and overlapped giving a 'board and batten' appearance, the roof of these cars is rounded at the eaves. 15 cars in the 23800 series were renumbered into the 19000s in 1978/79, 19808 was then renumbered back to 23822 in 1980.

Outline created from Railroad Model Craftsman October '97.
by T.W.Wolfgang

former NE-5 Dimensions
Length over
33' 11" 27' 9 1/2" 18' 8" 9' 5" 11' 2 15/32" 13' 9" 43500

Sources : Rail Classics 7/88 and Railroad Model Craftsman 10/97

Articles about the former NE-5
  • "New Haven/Conrail Steel Cabooses," Charles Yungkurth.
    Railroad Model Craftsman. October '97, Pages 67-69.

    Excellent background info on the ex NH NE-5 group. Photos and drawings of the cars as they were built and then as they were modified into class N-8B by the PC.
    • CR 23597(N-8B), blue, b&w.
    • PC 23511, green, b&w.
    • NH C-580, orange with black & white lettering.
    • NH C-621 and another, orange with white lettering.
  • "Conrail Cabooses," Frank A. Czubryt, Jr. Rails Northeast. Oct. '81, Pages 22-35.
    Photos and class number information.
    • CR 19864, a good photo of an unmodified car, b&w.

  • Modeling the former NE-5
    There are no plastic models of these cars available, I am sure there were some brass versions made. The sides of the NE-5 subclass could be made easily by gluing thin batten strips to sheet stock. Roof corners are rounded and would best be modeled with split tubing.

    Other scales?
    Any tips would be appreciated!

    Drawings of the former NE-5
    NE-5 plans
    NE-5 plans
    New Haven C-535 to C-584(62k) New Haven C-585 to C-634(51k)
    NH tracings from George Elwood's web site, contributed by Tom Gardner.
    Please visit George's Erie Lackawanna and other Fallen Flag and Shortline Railroad Photos.

    HO line drawing by Chuck Yungkurth, Railroad Model Craftsman. October '97, Pages 68 & 69.

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