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L&HR 17 in New Freedom, PA undergoing restoration. September, '98
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (55k)
L&HR 17 sitting in York, PA on the way to New Freedom, PA.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (46k)

Cushion underframe detail of L&HR 17.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (51k)
Brake equipment detail of L&HR 17.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (53k)

The unfortunate condition of L&HR 17 shows some of the interior construction of this type of car.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (50k)
Another view of partially dismantled L&HR 17.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (55k)

L&HR 12 at Warwick, NY in July 1975.
Sorry! I can't remember who sent this one in! (63k)

N-5R Class Data
6 conveyed, unknown if any actually renumbered. 18900-18905 ex L&HR 11,12,14,16-18
Wood sheathed northeastern style built by the RDG for L&HR in 1942. Similar to RDG NMn class. They had Duryea Cushion Underframes and Birdsboro trucks. Originally numbered 10-17, 13 was renumbered to 18. 11,15, 16 and 17 were resheathed with plywood.

Outline created from measurements and photos of LHR 17, car is shown with tongue and groove siding. T.W.Wolfgang.

N-5R Dimensions
Length over
32' 4 3/4" 24' 2" 19' 0" 9' 6" 11' 4 1/2" 13' 7 3/4" -

Source : Drawings in Railroad Model Craftsman, August '78.

Modeling the N-5R
Eastern Car Works kit or Life-Like Proto 2000 Northeastern. Some rivet removal and a clever paint job could duplicate the plywood rebuilds. On L&HR 17 the ends still had tongue and groove siding even though the sides were replaced with plywood. Scribed styrene sides could be used to replace the exisiting kit sides for the tongue and groove versions.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Articles about the N-5R
  • "The Ubiquitous Northeastern Caboose Part III," Dick Steinbrenner.
    Railroad Model Craftsman. September '82, Pages 78-83.

    WM, P&WV, CNJ, L&HR, LNE and Conrail info.
    • L&HR 12, tongue & groove, color.
    • L&HR 18 (ex 13), tongue & groove, b&w.
    • L&HR 16 plywood, b&w.
  • "L&HR Cabooses," Ed Christ.
    Railroad Model Craftsman. August '78, Pages 53-57.

    Info on wood sheathed caboose design and the Duryea Cushion Underframe, including plans.
    • L&HR 16, plywood.
    • L&HR 12, tongue & groove, with L&HR 16, plywood.
    • 4 underframe detail photos.
    • L&HR 16 with C420 24.
    • Long distance shot on rear of train.
    • Side view of tongue & groove version.
    • L&HR 12, overhead view.
    • L&HR 12, 3/4 view.
    • L&HR 12, 3/4 view.
    • CNJ steel and L&HR wooden cars on rear of same train.

Drawings of the N-5R
Railroad Model Craftsman. August '78, pages 54 and 55.
Excellent detailed HO scale drawings, detailed underframe drawings applicable to other classes with the Duryea underframe.

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