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The first two photos of N-9 CR 18236 were taken on June 2, 1999 at Moraine, OH. The The third photo was taken on June 6. Photos by Tim Frederick, 42k, 43k and 66k respectively.

N-9 18200 at the Hollidaysburg Car Shops, Dec. 26, '97
Photo by Keith Burkey (94k)

Conrail N-9 18259 at Canton, OH, Nov '87.
Photo by Roger Kirkpatrick (64k)
Conrail N-9 or N-9E transfer caboose in the Frankford Junction Yard, Philadelphia PA 2/96. Can anyone confirm the number of this car?
Photo by Stan Feldman (66k)

CR 18216 was photographed at the ex-NYC yard in Clearfield, PA on 5/19/90. The former Harbison-Walker Refractories plant looms above.
Photo by Jeff Feldmeier (95k)
CR 18243 at Bellfontaine, OH on March 8, 1980.
Photo by Jim Hebner (50k)

N-9 Class Data
145 cars 18195-18354 ex PC 18195-18354.
Transfer type, large end platforms, no cupola or bay windows. A PC continuation of the NYC N-6A class built on 40' boxcar frames. Some cars were equipped with propane heaters. These cars kept their PC numbers. A few came from the P&E.

from an N-6A drawing by John A.Isaksen and photos of N-9s.
by T.W.Wolfgang.

N-9 Dimensions
Length over
41' 9 1/2" 23' 6 3/4" 30' 9 1/2 10' 6 7/8" 12' 3" 46200

Source : Rail Classics, July, 1988

Modeling the N-9
These cars were built from 40' boxcars and an Athearn 40' box would be a good start, platforms on the ends of these cars were solid. Diagonal panel roof. Railings could be fabricated from brass wire and strips. There are some small detail differences in the side sill compared to the N-6A.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Articles about the N-9
  • "Conrail Cabooses," Frank A. Czubryt, Jr. Rails Northeast. Oct. '81, Pages 22-35.
    Photos and class number information.
    • CR 18342, b&w.

Drawings of the N-9
N-6A drawing NYC tracing found on George Elwood's web site, contributed by Tom Gardner, used with permission. This drawing also refers to N-6A and N-9E series numbers and appears to have been used for all three classes.
Please visit George's Erie Lackawanna and other Fallen Flag and Shortline Railroad Photos.

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