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Recently repainted in Pennsy's 'Focal Orange' PRR 478173 was photographed in Stewartstown, PA March 30, 1999. The photos do not do justice to the orange! She is owned by George Pitz and sees use on the Stewartstown Railroad. The photo on the right shows her previous, more traditional, paint scheme. Photos by T.W.Wolfgang (64k,78k,63k and 82k respectively)

Overhead view of CR 23205 from Neeld Road, East Palestine, OH in July, 1978.
Photo by
Charlie Bowyer (59k)
CR 23321 Arlington, VA, February '78.
Photo by
Dick Leonhardt (59k)

CR 23399 on the move past Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel in Mingo Junction, OH in December '96. Except for the modified windows she is in good shape.
Photo by Jeffrey Wires (59k)
CR 23387 ex PC/PRR at Rutherford, PA.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (50k)

CR 2321? with rare large logo, anyone know what the last digit might be or have any photos of other cars with this size logo? From the collection of Clint Chamberlin (54k) Restored PRR 478137 at Pocopson, PA, March, 1999. Note the location of the Sinclair type radio antenna on the cupola roof.
Photo by Father Walter Benn (71k)

N-8 Class Data
161 cars 23200-23402 ex PC 23200-23402 ex PRR 478020-478219.
Streamlined center-cupola design with unique deep end platforms and cushion undeframe. Built in 1950 and 1951. At least one of these cars carried a very large logo, see photograph. The ultimate cabin on the Standard Railroad of the World.

Outline created from drawing in Model Railroader April '82 by T.W.Wolfgang.

N-8 Dimensions
Length over
35' 11 1/2" 25' 2" 21' 6" 9' 8" 11' 0 15/16" 13' 6 9/16" 56300
Source : PRR Tracing E-445840A, there were some discrepancies between my orginal source(the drawing in April '82 Model Railroader) and this tracing.

Modeling the N-8
This class can be kitbashed from a pair of Tyco streamlined cupola cabooses, a new floor and end platforms are required. There is an article and drawing in Model Railroader April 1982 and an update in the November 1982 issue.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Articles about the N-8
  • "Kitbashing Pennsy Cabin Cars", James McHenry, Model Railroader Apr. 82, Pages 79-81. Two Tyco cabooses are combined to create a good model of the N-8.
    • Model photo, b&w.
    • PRR 478120, b&w.
    • CR 23259, b&w.
  • "MR Clinic", Bill Fulton, Model Railroader, Nov. 82 pages 166, 167.
    Update to N-8 conversion in April issue, revised cutting diagram to make model the correct length.
  • Northeast Railroading, January 1991.
    I don't have any specifics on this article.
  • "Conrail Cabooses," Frank A. Czubryt, Jr. Rails Northeast. Oct. '81, Pages 22-35.
    Photos and class number information.
    • CR 23248, b&w.

Drawings of the N-8
N-8 side/end
N-8 plan
Side and end views(35k) Floor plan(50k)
PRR tracings from Robert Schoenberg's web site, contributed to Rob by Tom Gardner via George Elwood. If you are into the Pennsy, Rob has MANY more locomotive, passenger and freight car tracings available on Rob's Pennsy Homepage. There are also 300 dpi versions of the Cabin tracings available there too!

HO line drawing by J. Harold Geissel and Wells Marshall, Model Railroader. April '82, Page 80.

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