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CR 21565, August 1977 at East Palestine, OH.
Photo by Charlie Bowyer (37k)
CR 21784 at Arlington, VA in April, 1979. This photo shows some good roof detail.
Photo by Dick Leonhardt (64k)

N-7A 21513 displaying the 'long logo' version of the standard caboose paint scheme.
Photo by Jim Hebner (41k)
LSX 1992 is the office at The Loose Caboose Campground near Gap, PA along the Amtrak main near Strasburg. Stenciled on the truck frame was CR 21631. August 1997.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang (69k)

N-7A Class Data
185 cars 21513-21798 broken, ex PC 21513-21798 broken, ex NYC 20298-20497.
Very similar to N-7, built by St. Louis Car in 1952. This is the most common class of bay window caboose. These ex NYC cars were mixed in with the N-7 when renumbered by PC, for a breakdown please see the Renumbering Table.

Outline created from photos and data by T.W.Wolfgang.

N-7A Dimensions
Length over
41' 4" 33' 6 7/8"
24' 11" 9' 0 5/8" 10' 8" 13' 2 1/4" 52000

Source : NYC tracing and Rail Classics 7/88

Modeling the N-7A
Could be kitbashed based on Athearn or Walthers bay window caboose. Two shells are required as roof has 10 embossed panels instead of 9. New sides with 11 riveted side panels and ends must be made. There are 5 panels on one side of the bay and only 4 on the other, the arrangement is reversed on the opposite side so the bays are directly opposite each other when viewd from above.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Articles about the N-7A
  • "Conrail Cabooses," Frank A. Czubryt, Jr. Rails Northeast. Oct. '81, Pages 22-35.
    Photos and class number information.
    • CR 21728, b&w.

Drawings of the N-7A
N-7 plans
N-7 class data
Plans(35k) Class data(19k)
An N-7 drawing from a 1950 NYC plan book(2 years before this group was built). Field measurements indicate that both classes share many dimensions and may be identical with the exception of where they were built. Found on George Elwood's web site, contributed by Tom Gardner, used with permission.
Please visit George's Erie Lackawanna and other Fallen Flag and Shortline Railroad Photos.

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