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Two of Walt's latest additions to his collection in Catawissa, PA, CR 18627 and CR 18655. The former is an early version with a single rectangular end window and a cushion underframe, note the armored hose hanging under the center of the car. The later is the later porthole windowed end, solid underframe design. Photos by T.W.Wolfgang 77k and 70k.

These are end views of the above cars, both taken from the 'A' end. 18655 also has a porthole window in the door, this appears to be a later modification, it is a steel door with a plywood core, the window opening was just cut into the door and a piece of plexiglass screwed over the hole. Photos by T.W.Wolfgang 93k and 68k.

Views of the brake equipment and armored air hose on the cushion underframe of CR 18627. Photos by T.W.Wolfgang 37k and 38k.

CR 18620 at Rutherford yard, early'80's.
Photo by T.W.Wolfgang 42k.
Located in Cedarville, Ohio CR 18649(LV 95088) was photographed in February '97. This car appears to be in storage at the present moment, not on public display. There is another car at this location, CR N-5B 22875.
Photo by Douglas Papay 122k.

This is one of the restored cars at Catawissa, this car has rectangular end windows and the door with the small porthole window. Photo by T.W.Wolfgang 54k.

N-5G Class Data
105 cars 18601-18612 13 ex LV via PC 18400-18405, 18417-18426,
these cars were acquired by PC from LV in 1968.
18613-18701 92 ex LV 95002-95140 were acquired direct from LV

Northeastern type built 1937 to 1946. Most of these cars had destinctive sloped rain gutters above the windows. LV 95050-95103(1937-41) and 95001-95041(1941-44) were built with a single rectangular window on the right side of the end and a cushion underframe, with the exception of 95051 riding on a solid underframe. LV 95042-95049(1945) and 95104-95140(1945,46) had two porthole windows on the ends and solid underframes. At least three cars of both types also had round windows in the doors, see photos and outline drawings for details. Left-hand rectangular windows were added to 95004, 95007, 95036-95038, 95050, 95055, 95056, 95059, 95064, 95065, 95073, 95075, 95077, 95084, 95090 and 95092. Cars 95014, 95017, 95019, 95022-95026 and 95059 had fabricated steps, all others had cast steps. Car 18612 was listed as class N-59 by Rails Northeast, additional information indicates it should be class N-5G ex CR 18422 exx PC 18442 built 4-45.

The end views show some of the different variations in this class. The left view shows the single rectangular window that most of the cars had when they were built. Some cars had a second window added on the left. The center view shows the round window ends. The right view shows a replacement door installed on cars with both styles of ends. Outline created from from Railroad Model Craftsman August '82, Eastern Car Works model and examination of cars at Catawissa, PA by T.W.Wolfgang.

N-5G Dimensions
Length over
31' 6" 24' 11" 19' 0" 9' 3" 11' 0" 13' 6" 42000

Sources : Rail Classics 7/88 and Railroad Model Craftsman 9/82

Modeling the N-5G
HO kit
Eastern Car Works or Life-Like Proto 2000 Northeastern. N-5Gs require slightly different details depending on their ancestry(PC/LV or LV), all have rain gutters above the windows, some have sliding window screens. The articles in Railroad Model Craftsman listed below provide detailed modeling information.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Articles about the N-5G
  • "The Ubiquitous Northeastern Caboose Part II," Dick Steinbrenner.
    Railroad Model Craftsman. Aug. '82, Pages 78-83.

    Not much Conrail info but an excellent in-depth article on LV cars including a drawing. Photos of many second-hand users.
    • PC 18404, color
    • LV 95133, Cornell red, color
    • LV 95039 with PAs and another caboose, color.
    • LV 95054, Snowbird, color.
    • LV 95054, flag emblem, b&w.
    • LV 95080, black diamond, b&w.
    • LV 95034, safety slogan, b&w.
    • LV 95054, green, color.
    • LV 95080, tuscan red, color.
  • "Protofile 22:Lehigh Valley Northeastern Caboose," Dick Steinbrenner.
    Railroad Model Craftsman. Aug. '82, Pages 78-83.

    Detailed article on modeling the N-5G in HO using a Quality Craft kit, same techniques could be applied to Eastern Car Works or Life-Like cars. Roster and variations included. Excellent article.
    • Several model shots in b&w and color
    • LV 95064, 'Route of the Black Diamond', b&w
    • LV 95104, safety slogan, b&w.
    • Step and end details, b&w.
  • "Conrail Cabooses," Frank A. Czubryt, Jr. Rails Northeast. Oct. '81, Pages 22-35.
    Photos and class number information.
    • CR 18649, b&w.

Drawings of the N-5G
HO line drawing by Chuck Yungkurth, Railroad Model Craftsman. Aug. '82, Pages 80-81.

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