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CR 22983, a one-of-a-kind car, b/w photo scanned from magazine. No photo credit was given.
Photo from Rails Northeast (32k)
This unique car survives today in Utica, NY at Children's Museum, Bagg's Square District. September '97.
Photo by Jim Hebner (61k)

N-5E Class Data
1 car 22983 ex PC 22983 ex PC 19573 ex PRR 477594.
The N-5E was a wrecked N-5 which recieved paired rectangular windows and a streamlined cupola similar to the N8's. I have photos from Rails Northeast of 22983 showing it classed as an N-5B, caption of photo states that photos of an identical car numbered PC 22853 have been taken, I do not have any photos of that car. The caption also states that it was thought that 22983 was a one-of-a-kind car. One of my sources list the renumbering as follows: PRR 477594 to PC 19573 3/4/71 to PC 22983 4/25/73 at some time to CR 22983 then to CR 20076 on 11/23/79. Rails Northeast lists CR 22853 ex PC 22853 ex PRR 19590 while another source lists it as PRR 477690 renumbered PC 22853 11/26/68 renumbered CR 22853 9/15/77. As far as PC 19590 see class N-5D above. 20076 is preserved in Utica, NY.

Outline created from Bowser model and photos by T.W.Wolfgang.

Modeling the N-5E
This one car class could be kitbashed from a Tyco streamlined cupola caboose, a new sides and ends with rivet detail must be added. End details and/or a carbody from a Bowser N-5 or N-5C might be useful.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

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