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Cars are sorted by city then state. This list shows the locations of cars of unknown origin, help fill in the missing information. Click on the map of Conrail territory to see if there are any cars in your area. Send any additional data to Roger Kirkpatrick or myself. The locations of the cars on this list will be posted on the map as time permits.

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City               State  Notes
Fort Wayne         IN   as PRR, Wells Street Crossing, 1 Soo truck & 1 MStP&SSMRR truck
Georgetown?        IN   Rt 64, or Caruthersville? or Corydon?, LOCATION?
Laurel             IN   LOCATION?
Pine Village       IN   Mel McCormick, owner
Reynolds           IN   Doug McGill, toward Chalmers
Villa?             IN   along C&EI right-of-way, information from Hawkins Rail Services, Lafayette, 317-7
Edaville           MA   1 caboose still at this location
Haverhill          MA   no trucks, heavily vandalized
Hyannis            MA   Cape Cod Railroad
Littleton          MA   Boston & Maine Depot, with B&M boxcars, Dave Erickson, owner
Marshfield         MA   J. N. Flagg Company, 750 Webster Street, off Rt 139
North Falmouth     MA   LOCATION?
Palmer             MA   Quaboag Transfer Office
West Barnstable    MA   as NH?, wood, cupola, Cape Cod Stencil Company
West Barnstable    MA   as NH?, wood, cupola, Cape Cod Model Railroad Club, with NH wood baggage car
Layhill            MD   private, Ednor Road, still here?
Bloomington        MI   Depot
Jasper             MI   Pool House, Treat Highway and Codling Road
Kalamazoo          MI   Kal-Haven Trail, Inc.
Lansing?           MI   Grand Trunk Western Capitol Hill Station, South Washington Avenue, GONE TO?
Saginaw?           MI   Rogalski, near Portsmouth & Holland, GONE TO?
St. Ignace         MI   Gandy Dancer Restaurant, Depot
Traverse City      MI   2 cabooses?, Depot Bank, other cars, info/Jeff Williams, 3095 Norwood Dr., Adrian
?                  NH   sand pit, near coast, LOCATION?
Groveton           NH   as JR, at covered bridge, with 0-4-0T steam locomotive
Meredith           NH   several cabooses, Winnipesaukee Scenic RR, off Rt 3, 603-745-2135, summer - 603-279-5253
North Conway       NH   Beef & Ski Restaurant or Ice Cream Stand?
Twin Mountain      NH   KOA Kampground
Morristown         NJ   or Cedar Knolls,  Morristown & Erie Railroad Yard
Morristown         NJ   cupola, Morristown & Erie, built 1948
North Bergen       NJ   Conrail Yard, Tunnelly Avenue (Rts 1 & 9)
Brisben            NY   private, near Rt 12, LOCATION?
Caledonia          NY   Jones, 298 Park Place
Clinton            NY   McDonald's Restaurant, Rt 12B
Olcott             NY   Information Center
Oriskany Falls     NY   Trailer Park, Rt 12B
Pittsford          NY   Schoen Place
Rome?              NY   Rome & Fort Bull Railroad, Erie Canal Village, Rt 49, west of town
Springville        NY   steel, bay window, Ice Cream Stand, Depot, from Franklinville, NY
Minerva?           OH   Boy Scout Camp?
Tiffin?            OH   GONE TO Canton?
Burnham            PA   as KC 4502, 4503, 4504, & 4505, Standard Steel, still here?
Center Square      PA   ERIE or PM?, Chinique Salon, 1093 Dekalb Pike/US 202
Donora             PA   LOCATION?
Ford City          PA   private, LOCATION?
Greenville         PA   Depot Shop
Hanover Towhshi    PA   ex-Pocono Northeast Railroad?, Air Products
Hawley             PA   Main Street/Rt 6
Kittanning         PA   on live track?, LOCATION?
Lilly              PA   Lititz?, on mountain?, LOCATION?
Mechanicsburg      PA   3 cabooses, Naval Ships Parts Control Center
Monroeton?         PA   ex-NH?, Towanda-Monroeton Shippers Lifeline, RD 1, Box 18, 18832, 717-265-6469
Moorestown         PA   private, LOCATION?
Mt. Pocono         PA   2nd caboose here?, no markings, wood, 4 wheel, Memorytown USA, Grange Road, 18344
New Castle         PA   steel, transfer, Chamber of Commerce, Depot, NYC trucks, with 0-4-0F loco
New Kensington     PA   Educational Mine Tour, off Bull Creek Road
North East         PA   no markings, Lake Shore Historical Society
Northampton        PA   LOCATION?
Pittsburgh         PA   Station Square, real caboose?
South Kersey       PA   Cabin, Boone Mountain?, Elk County
Williams Grove     PA   no trucks, Williams Grove Amusement Park
ChimneyCorners?    VT   Grandview Motor Inn, Rt 7, 0.7 miles south of Rt 2, GONE TO?
Laona              WI   Nicolet Scenic Railroad, east of town, 715-674-6309 or 800-752-1465
Wilton             WI   Chamber of Commerce
Huntington?        WV   several?, National Railway Historical Society, behind INCO Plant, GONE TO?
Milliken?          WV   northeast of Charleston, southeast of airport, CAN'T FIND

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