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Cars are sorted by railroad, city then state. This list shows cars that were set aside before April 1, 1976 or that were sold or donated by CR but never assigned CR numbers. Any updates, additions or corrections would be appreciated. Special thanks to Roger Kirkpatrick for his help with this section. The locations of these cars are also posted on the map.

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City               State  Number         Notes
Delmar             DE   B&O 90951      as PRR, ex-C&O 90951, Park, by tracks
Ringoes            NJ   BR&W 200       ex-RDG, ex-Cornwall, Black River & Western Railroad, 908-782-9600, built 1926
Stony Ridge        OH   C&O 903326     as NYC 45040, ex-LV, ex-TT 90, 5110 Libbey Road, north of town
Boonton            NJ   CNJ            wood, New Jersey Transit Station, poor condition
Midland Park       NJ   CNJ            wood, Larry's Model Trains, NYS&W Wortendyke Station
Ringoes?           NJ   CNJ            to move to Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ?
Winslow            NJ   CNJ            Egg Harbor Road, 1 mile south of tracks
Latrobe            PA   CNJ            wood, cupola, no trucks, Ice Cream Shop, Depot Restaurant
Vera Cruz          PA   CNJ            no markings, steel, cupola, Acorn & Bleiler Roads, Rob Roy, owner
Whippany           NJ   CNJ 91145      built 1942, Whippany Railway Museum
Allaire            NJ   CNJ 91155      on 3' trucks, wood, built 1874, Pine Creek RR, NJ Museum of Trans., from Farmingdale, NJ
Phillipsburg       NJ   CNJ 91197      Park, Phillipsburg Railroad Historians, 292 Chambers Street, 08865
Allaire            NJ   CNJ 91245      wood, on 3' trucks, built 1922, Pine Creek Railroad, New Jersey Museum of Transpo
Florence?          NJ   CNJ 91309?     wood, built 1927, Jude, Rt 130, 609-898-1418, for sale?
Buckingham         PA   CNJ 91309?     or Florence, NJ?, wood, Florist Shop & Greenhouse, NHIR Station?
Jim Thorpe         PA   CNJ 91343      or 91542?, wood, Rail Tours Inc.
Middletown         PA   CNJ 91537      steel, cupola, built may 1942, Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad
New London         OH   CNJ 91539      Rt 60?
Bayonne?           NJ   CNJ 91545      Walter Matuch, POB 742, 07002, 201-858-4980, in Pennsylvania?
Jim Thorpe         PA   D&H 35798      ex-RDG 94117, built 10/71, Butch Mielke and John Stoudt, owners
Scranton           PA   D-L C30        steel, transfer, Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad, 701 Wyoming Avenue, 18509, 717-343
Wayland            NY   DL&W           as Gunlocke, Gunlocke Estate Park, Rt 36
New Hope           PA   DL&W 4         ex-Morristown & Erie/Black River & Western 4, New Hope & Ivyland Railroad, West Bridge St.
Allaire            NJ   DL&W 604       ex-Raritan River 7, no trucks, Pine Creek Railroad, NJ Museum of Transportation
Industry?          NY   DL&W 619       at Hamburg?, as Genesee & Wyoming 8, New York Mus. of Trans., s. of Rochester, 71
Burlington         WI   DL&W 668       Location?
Ivyland            PA   DL&W 723       ex-Raritan River?, Apartments, Wilson Avenue, from Depot Restaurant, Philadelphia
Horseheads         NY   DL&W 738       Elmira Historical Society
Effort             PA   DL&W 845       Cabin, Robin Hood Lake
Williamsport       PA   DL&W 849       Country House Restaurant, City view Motel, Rt 15, south of town
Long Branch        NJ   DL&W 907       as ERIE C907, Casey Jones Restaurant, with boxcar
Swanton            OH   DL&W 910       McDonald's Restaurant
Kalamazoo          MI   DT&I 134       ex-RDG, ex-GTW, steel, built 1934, John Byholt, 3484 East T Avenue, 49002, 616-64
Jim Thorpe         PA   EL C191        Rail Tours Inc., Andy & Dave Hudock, owners
Morristown         NJ   EL C356        built 1969, Erie Lackawanna Historical Society, Morristown & Erie Railway
Arcade             NY   ERIE 04923     as Arcade & Attica Railroad 304, wood, side door, E. R. Ruhl Company
Wayne              NJ   ERIE 04927     Citro 1900 Restaurant, ex-Victoria Station Restaurant, with boxcar
Sunbury            OH   ERIE 04938     EL 04938, cupola, wood, Taylor Tree Farm, 3883 Wilson road, from Lancaster/Pleasa
Mahwah             NJ   ERIE 04940     wood, Depot
Connersville       IN   ERIE 04946     Whitewater Valley Railroad, 317-825-2054
Mantua             OH   ERIE 04961     Coffee Caboose, Mantua Station Drug Company, State Rt 44
Mantua             OH   ERIE 04967     Pioneer Trail Road & Diagonal Road
Canaseraga         NY   ERIE 04972     wood, bath house, Meadow Brook Drive
Roscoe?            NY   ERIE 049??     Ontario & Western Railroad Museum, Railroad Avenue, near NY 17
Cambridge Sprgs    PA   ERIE 049??     wood, no trucks, Cabin, LOCATION?
New Foundland      NJ   ERIE C224      NYS&W Station, Bill Gentz, owner
North Tonawanda    NY   ERIE C348      Depot, 111 Oliver Street, Niagara Frontier Chapter, NRHS
Hammondsport?      NY   ERIE?          southwest of town, along right of way, Bath & Hammondsport Railroad, Water Street
Kane?              PA   GETY 5         ex-PRR, Class N6B, wood, cupola, from Gettysburg, PA
Saxton             PA   HBTM 16        ex-PRR?, wood, cupola, 4 wheel, Huntington & Broad Top Mtn. RR, Rt 913, Stonerstown Bridge
Sugar Loaf         NY   L&HR           wood, L&HR Station Bar
Warwick            NY   L&HR           backyard, 2 blocks from ex-L&HR line
Stone Church       PA   L&HR 11        Beck's Tree Farm, Stone Church Road, east of Rt 611, with Reading 40' boxcar, 610
Warwick            NY   L&HR 81        wood, 4 wheel, Shingle House Museum, Warwick Historical Society, Forester Avenue
Bath?              OH   L&NE 32?       4 wheel, Tom Hunt, Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, 800-468-4070, GONE TO?
Kempton            PA   L&NE 512       Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad, 610-756-6469
North Conway       NH   L&NE 571       ex-B&M C90, wood, Conway Scenic Railroad
Scranton           PA   L&NE 580       Steamtown National Historical Site, Claremont & Concord
Bushkill Center    PA   L&NE 582       Bushkill Elementary School, Northampton County
Tilton             NH   L&NE 584       Merrimack Valley Railroad, Freight House
Newark Valley      NY   LV             Depot, Newark Valley Historical Society
Syracuse           NY   LV             Amtrak Station, with other cars owned by Empire State Railway Museum, Phoenicia
Canton             OH   LV             Red Caboose Ice Cream, Gullivers Truck Stop, I-77, Exit 101, from Barberton, Ohio
Crestline          OH   LV             1869 McNeil at Rt 61, south side of town
Port Clinton       PA   LV             steel, cupola, Union House Bed & Breakfast, Rt 61, 610-562-4076
Sayre              PA   LV             ex-Hobby Shop, Keystone Avenue
Strasburg          PA   LV 2606        wood, 4 wheel, Railroad Museum of Penn., Box 15, 17579, 717-687-8628, from Willia
Mt. Pleasant       NY   LV 94071       as CR 18617, built 1937, Catskill Mountain Railroad, Rt 28, 914-688-7400
Jim Thorpe         PA   LV 95023       Bedner Family, owners
Winslow            NJ   LV?            as Southern Railroad of New Jersey 911002
McClellandtown     PA   MGA            former building at Ben Meadow Run Yard, Gerald Bukovitz, owner, west of Uniontown
Uniontown          PA   MGA 54         as MGA 54, ex-PL&E, Edward Mitchell, Evans Manor, 1 mi. n. on old Rt 19/Connellsv
W. Brownsville     PA   MGA 64         Steam, Gas & Horse Fairgrounds
Strasburg          PA   MGA 67         Monongahela Railroad, Railroad Museum Of Pennsylvania, Box 15, 17579, 717-687-8628
Washington         PA   MGA 72         built 1949, Judson-Wiley Builder's Supply, PRR Depot, South Main Street
Washington         PA   MGA 73         Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, Monongahela Railroad, 412-228-9256
Cheektowaga        NY   N&W 518438     as Erie N-3366, Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart, 3366 Union Road at Walden, 14225, 716
Middleboro         MA   NH             Everett Road, 0.2 miles north of Cross Street
Highland           NY   NH             Information Office
Cressona           PA   NH 622         David R. Gamble, owner, LOCATION?
Millardsville      PA   NH 929??       as Reading, McDonald's Restaurant, Rt 422
Strasburg          PA   NH C559        as LGB, was American Flyer, Unit 28F, Red Caboose Motel
Essex              CT   NH/PRR?        Ralph H. Gibson, Friends of the Valley Railroad
Chatham?           MA   NH?            wood, Depot Museum
Beverly            MA   NYC            wood, cupola, Beverly Farms, 26 West Street, 01915, 508-927-4224, other locations
Ada                MI   NYC            wood, end cupola (modified), 5200 Michigan Street
Hannibal           NY   NYC            Joe Ukleya, owner, LOCATION?
Syracuse           NY   NYC            steel, bay window, New York State Fairground, other equipment, Central New York Chap./NRHS
Thendara           NY   NYC            2 cabooses?, Adirondack Scenic Railroad, POB 84, 13472, 315-369-6290
Webster            NY   NYC            Hairdresser's Shop, address?
Harlem             OH   NYC            wood, cupola, Bishop, 7142 Harlem Road, just north of Smothers Road, Hoover Reser
Kinsman            OH   NYC            wood, no cupola, no trucks, 8304 State Street, Tillotson Avenue signs on both end
Centre Hall        PA   NYC            wood, cupola, Pemmsylvania Railroad Depot
Corry              PA   NYC            bay window, Rt 6, 10 miles east of town
Derry              PA   NYC            bay window, Gift Shop, also a PRR at this Gift Shop?
Honesdale          PA   NYC            Honesdale Horse Stables, Watts Hill
Kennett Square     PA   NYC            Delaware Valley Railway Maintenance Office, 10 other cabooses?
Pittsburgh?        PA   NYC            Station Square, south part, to Imperial, Pennsylvania?
Pocopson           PA   NYC            as ACEX 4002M, Ace Hardware
Canaseraga         NY   NYC 16969      Lacy Acres Museum, Allegany Co. 15a
Greenford?         OH   NYC 17944      Greenford Hobby & Pattern Shop, 5710 Rt 165, GONE TO? or BURNED?
Wilson             NY   NYC 18567      wood, cupola, New York Central Railroad Depot
Indianapolis       IN   NYC 19008      Home, 6535 North Cornell Avenue, 1/2 block north of Broad Ripple Brewpub
Syracuse           NY   NYC 19044?     wood, New York State Fairground, with other equipment, Central New York Chapter, NRHS
Elkhart            IN   NYC 19211      wood, built 1907, National NYC Railroad Museum, with NYC Mohawk L3a (4-8-2), etc
Dunkirk            NY   NYC 19224      built 1905, Alco Brooks Railroad Display, Chautauqua County Fairgrounds, 1089 Cen
Xenia Township     OH   NYC 19293      wood, Dave Huber Farm, ex-Fairborn Yard Office, with Dayton-Xenia Railway Company
Indianapolis?      IN   NYC 19308      6537 North Cornell Avenue, 1/2 block north of Broad Ripple Brewpub, GONE TO?
Canaan?            CT   NYC 19322      Depot Restaurant & Shops, cupola, wood, stored on Smedick siding
Hamburg            NY   NYC 19602      as NY&LE 19602, wood, no cupola, built 1896, Western New York RR Hist. Soc., from
Williamsville      NY   NYC 19682      wood, built 1942, Old Red Mill Inn, 8326 Main Street/Rt 5, 716-633-7878
Industry           NY   NYC 19877      built 1921, Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, NY Rt 251
Spencer            IN   NYC 19920      wood, cupola, Hanlon Brothers Hardware, St Rt 46
Angola             IN   NYC 19951      east of town, US 20 at Rd 200 E, Ron Deller?
Greenville         OH   NYC 20007      Depot, with New Haven and Pennsylvania Railroad boxcars
Essex              CT   NYC 20052?     wood, cupola, LOCATION?
North East         PA   NYC 20054?     Lake Shore Rwy Hist Soc Museum, POB 571, 16428, 814-825-2724, Burt Page, 814-725-4102
North Tonawanda    NY   NYC 21005      Depot, 111 Oliver Street, Niagara Frontier Chapter, NRHS
Cressona           PA   NYC 21010      Buck Moyer, owner. LOCATION?
Ringoes            NJ   NYC 21541      as Belvidere & Delaware 474, "Green Frog", steel, bay window
Tilton             NH   NYC 715351     Freight House
Passaic            NJ   NYC?           Hot Dog Stand, LOCATION?
Kingston           NY   NYC?           as Ulster & Delaware 642, wood, Visitor Information Center, at New York Thruway
Maumee             OH   NYC?           Fricker's Restaurant Office (inside), Route 20, ex-Victoria Station/Chattanooga
No. Kingsville     OH   NYC?           wood, cupola, no trucks, 3456 SR 531, collapsed
No. Kingsville     OH   NYC? 18397?    wood, cupola, no trucks, 3456 SR 531, poor condition
Warwick            NY   NYS&W 0019     as L&HR 20, Chamber of Commerce Tourist Information, across from L&HR Station, South St.
Adah               PA   P&LE 2         as MGA 53, built 6/8/15, to Monongahela Rwy on 8/35, Sonny Magazine, Box 82, RD 1, 15410
Brookville?        PA   P&S 190        ex-Reading, Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad, 412-543-2121, GONE TO?
Punxsutawney       PA   P&S 191        ex-NH/RDG?, Paul Hense, Scotland Road, from Brookville, PA
Brookville?        PA   P&S 192        ex-New Haven, Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad, 412-543-2121, GONE TO?
Waterbury          CT   P&S 193        ex-New Haven, Railroad Museum of New England
Waterbury          CT   P&S 194        ex-New Haven, Railroad Museum of New England
State College      PA   P&S 195        ex-Lehigh Valley, Bob Hines, 814-355-0899, 814-238-6754 (work)
Brookville?        PA   P&S 196        ex-Lehigh Valley, Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad, 412-543-2121, GONE TO?
Brookville?        PA   P&S 197        ex-Lehigh Valley, Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad, 412-543-2121, GOING TO?
Felton             DE   PRR            Class N-8, Paskey Farm, Box 673A, Main Street, with Penn Central boxcar
Lewes?             DE   PRR            as Delaware Coast Line RR 1000, Class N-5, Maryland & Delaware RR, 730 King's Hwy
Galesburg          MI   PRR            wood, cupola, built 1904, Dr. James Smith, 616-381-5509, ex-Hybel Produce
New Foundland      NJ   PRR            wood, NYS&W Station, Bill Gentz, owner
Winslow            NJ   PRR            as Amtrak, built 4/19, Southern Railroad of New Jersey Yard
Arkville           NY   PRR            Class N-5, Delaware & Ulster Railroad, Rt 28, 607-652-2821
Avoca?             NY   PRR            wood, cupola, Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415, 14809, 607-566-2216
Phoenicia          NY   PRR            wood, 4 wheel, Empire State Railway Museum, 914-688-7501
Port Jervis        NY   PRR            as ERIE C141 0r 143, steel, Class N-5, built 6/41, Jersey Avenue at Penn Avenue
Orrville           OH   PRR            Dabo Industries, with other equipment, southwest of town, FOR SALE?
Urbana             OH   PRR            wood, no trucks, Class NX23, W. Court St., behind Gates Brothers Glass, poor cond
Clarks Mills       PA   PRR            wood, Rt 1011, 2+ miles west off Lake Wilhelm Road
Duncannon          PA   PRR            Class N5C, Susquenita Middle School, 1725 Schoolhouse Road, 717-834-6377
East Emporium      PA   PRR            Class N-5C, LOCATION?
Export             PA   PRR            Class N5, Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad, near Export Tire, Kennedy Avenue
Harrisburg         PA   PRR            Class N-5C, West Hanover Township Park, US 22, east of town
Lickville          PA   PRR            Class N6B, southeast of I-81, near Rt 72 exit
Minersville        PA   PRR            near Reading Depot
Pecan              PA   PRR            Class N5, Vision Quest, Rt 8
South Fork         PA   PRR            west of Rt 219, first road to north, near Feed Mill
Strasburg          PA   PRR            N5, Arcade, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg          PA   PRR            N5c, Lionel Lines 9239, Unit 29-F, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
West Point         PA   PRR            as Reading, Class N5, near Colorcon Company, 415 Moyer Boulevard
Newport            RI   PRR            steel, built 1938, Old Colony & Newport Scenic Railway, 19 America's Cup Av., 401-849-0546
Northumberland     PA   PRR 476052     wood, 4 wheel, Class N4, Jeff Pontius, owner
Strasburg          PA   PRR 476087     ND, restored from Strasburg 10, wood, cupola, 4 wheel, Strasburg Railroad, 717-687-7522
Union              IL   PRR 476199     Illinois Railway Museum, Olson Road, POB 427, Union, 60180, 815-923-4391
New Oxford         PA   PRR 476582     ex-Strasburg 11, wood, 4 wheel, Depot, US 30
Frankfort          IN   PRR 477073     ex-PC 19027, as NKP, Quality Used Cars, LOCATION?
Danbury            CT   PRR 477099     as PC 19123, built 1916, Class N-5, Danbury Railway Museum, from Yorktown Heights
Topton             PA   PRR 477130     N5, East Penn Railway, or Kutztown?
Bradford           OH   PRR 477166     Y Yard Park
Harrington         DE   PRR 477197     ex-PC 19113, Class N-5, Railroad Park, with block tower
Ringoes            NJ   PRR 477375     Class N-7b, Black River & Western Railroad
Strasburg          PA   PRR 477398?    N5, Unit 9-S, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg          PA   PRR 477559?    N5, ATSF placard, Unit 1-F, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
New Freedom        PA   PRR 477707     Class N5B, near Depot, Al Smith, owner, with coaches
Gallitzin          PA   PRR 477852     Class N5C, Tunnels Park, Jackson Street
Roaring Spring     PA   PRR 477908     Class N5C, Town Park
New Castle         PA   PRR 478034     Industrial Road, south end, Jack B. Zines, owner, from Minerva, Ohio
North Brunswick    NJ   PRR 478131     Class N-8, east side of US 130, north of Davison's Mill Road
Pocopson           PA   PRR 478137     ex-PC/CR 23204, Class N8, built 5/51, Ace Hardware
Shipshewana        IN   PRR 478398?    no markings, ex-PC 19389, Class N8?, Depot
Topton             PA   PRR 478881     as East Penn Railway?, Buck Moyer, owner
Trafford           PA   PRR 492063/5   wood, 4 wheel, Chelsa Distributing, Trafford Commerce Center, GOING TO?
Coshocton          OH   PRR 5014       N5, near Ohio Central Railroad Office, from Minerva, Ohio
Lancaster          PA   PRR 980016     Class N6B, Station, with GG-1 4859
Harrisburg         PA   PRR 980616     wood, cupola, ex-PRR 492883?, Harrisburg Transportation Center, Harrisburg Chapte
Williams Grove     PA   PRR 980894     Class N6B, Williams Grove Park, at rear entrance to Williams Grove Amusement Park
Cambridge          OH   PRR 982131     ex-PRR 477161?, floor & trucks only, US 40, 2 mi. e. of I-77, from Ohio Rwy Mus.,
Deer Park          MD   PRR/WM?        4 wheel, private, LOCATION?
Avoca              NY   PRR?           Avoca Diner, across from Goodrich Motel
Berea?             OH   PRR?           off/near Bagley Road?, LOCATION?
Columbus           OH   PRR?           steel, transfer, Northfork Saloon Patio Bar, 1034 Perry
Miola              PA   PRR?           cupola, no trucks, Hunting Cabin, Cooks Forest Road, left .8 miles at Stone Church
Summerhill         PA   PRR?           on hill, east of Rt 219, NE of Johnstown
Valley Forge       PA   PRR?           Home, LOCATION?
Ringoes            NJ   RDG            as Black River & Western Railroad 34
Ringoes            NJ   RDG            as Black River & Western Railroad 200, ex-Cornwall, 908-782-9600, built 1926
Stillwater         OH   RDG            as LVXX 1941, Laurel Valley Oil Company
Hershey?           PA   RDG            Hersheypark Lost Children Shelter
Strasburg          PA   RDG            NYC placard, Unit  11-F, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg          PA   RDG            as Reading 9225, Demonstration Unit, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Espenshade         PA   RDG 9225       LOCATION?
Lewisburg          PA   RDG 92827      West Shore Rail Excursions or Central Pennsylvania Chapter, NRHS?
Kempton            PA   RDG 92830      steel. Class NMj, built 2/36, Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern RR, from Emmaus & Penndel, PA
Leesport           PA   RDG 92832      Class NMj, built 3/36, Reading Technical & Historical Society
Port Clinton?      PA   RDG 92844?     as Reading & Northern 92844, with diesel locomotives & second caboose?
New Hope           PA   RDG 92857      Class NMk, blt 6/37, New Hope & Ivyland Railroad, West Bridge Street/Rt 179, 215-862-2332
West Wyomissing    PA   RDG 92906      steel, cupola, Class NMl, built 3/41, Red Caboose Park, Spring Township
Kempton            PA   RDG 92936      wood, Class NMn, built 9/42, Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern RR, 610-756-6469
Jim Thorpe         PA   RDG 92948      wood, Rail Tours Inc.
Lambertville       NJ   RDG?           steel, cupola, PRR Station Restaurant, Bridge Street
New Castle         PA   RDG?           ex-70, Clark's Photo Express, Depot, Washington Street, 658-5215
Sharonville?       OH   SOU X3111      as PRR 980765, west of I-75, north of Sharon Road, from Victoria Station Restaura

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