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Preserved cars in CR territory

Cars are sorted by state then city. This list shows the locations of Conrail, Predecessor and cars of unknown origin that are in Conrail Territory. Click on the map to see if there are any cars in your area, or whever you may be headed. Special thanks to Roger Kirkpatrick for the data posted here. This is the same data on the other lists just sorted in a different manner.

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City           State   Number         Notes
Canaan?         CT    NYC 19322    Depot Restaurant & Shops, cupola, wood, stored on Smedick siding
Danbury         CT    NH C687      ex-PC/CR 23662, Class NE-5, Danbury Railway Museum, with RS-1, from URHS, New Jer
Danbury         CT    PRR 477099   as PC 19123, built 1916, Class N-5, Danbury Railway Museum, from Yorktown Heights
Essex           CT    NYC 20052?   wood, cupola, LOCATION?
Waterbury       CT    NH C507      Class NE3A, ex-PC/CR 19882?, Railroad Museum of New England, Thomaston Road
Waterbury       CT    P&S 194      ex-New Haven, Railroad Museum of New England
Wolcott         CT    NH C548      Class NE-5, Hobby Gallery, 1810 Meridan Road, 06716
Felton          DE    PRR          Class N-8, Paskey Farm, Box 673A, Main Street, with Penn Central boxcar
Harrington?     DE    CR 18517     ex-PC 18517, Class N-11, no trucks, Conrail Yard Shed, off Fairgrounds Street, sc
Roxana          DE    CR           Conrail employee, LOCATION?
Wilmington      DE    PRR 478064   ex-CR 23359, Class N-8, blt. 5/51, Wilmington & Western RR, 4 mi. sw, Ed Feathers
Dolton          IL    NH           marked RS 42, NE-6/CE110/N-8A, ex-PC/CR 23647, at Union Pacific (ex-C&EI) Dolton
Union           IL    PRR 476199   Illinois Railway Museum, Olson Road, POB 427, Union, 60180, 815-923-4391
Angola          IN    NYC 19951    east of town, US 20 at Rd 200 E, Ron Deller?
Avilla          IN    PRR          steel, IN Rt 3, from Kendallville, Indiana
Connersville    IN    ERIE 04946   Whitewater Valley Railroad, 317-825-2054
East Chicago    IN    PRR          as X-RAIL XRSX 004, near LTV Steel
Elkhart         IN    NYC 19211    wood, built 1907, National NYC Railroad Museum, with NYC Mohawk L3a (4-8-2), etc
Frankfort       IN    PRR 477073   ex-PC 19027, as NKP, Quality Used Cars, LOCATION?
French Lick     IN    CR 21496     as C&EI 1953?, ex-NYC/Peoria & Eastern RR/PC 21496, French Lick, West Baden & Sou
Georgetown?     IN    ?            Rt 64, or Caruthersville? or Corydon?, LOCATION?
Indianapolis?   IN    NYC 19308    6537 North Cornell Avenue, 1/2 block north of Broad Ripple Brewpub, GONE TO?
Lapel           IN    PRR          Class NX-23, built from Class X-23 boxcar, behind Nancy's Grocery Store
North Judson    IN    ERIE C345    as CR 21139, ex-EL C345, blt 11/53, Hoosier Valley RR Mus., Mulberry Street/n. of
Reynolds        IN    RDG 94036    as CR 18833, Class N-4A, Doug McGill, toward Chalmers
Reynolds        IN    ?            Doug McGill, toward Chalmers
Spencer         IN    NYC 19920    wood, cupola, Hanlon Brothers Hardware, St Rt 46
Villa?          IN    ?            along C&EI right-of-way, information from Hawkins Rail Services, Lafayette, 317-7
Winamac         IN    ERIE C301    ex-CR 21126, built 1953 at Kenton, Ohio, Pulaski County Historical Society
Allston         MA    CR           ex-PC, steel, Sports Depot Restaurant, B&A Depot
Chatham?        MA    NH?          wood, Depot Museum
Edaville        MA    ?            1 caboose still at this location
Hyannis         MA    PRR 477770   ex-PC, ex-CR 22858, Cape Cod Railroad Yard
Lee             MA    CR           no markings, Sullivan Station Restaurant
Lenox           MA    CR 198??     Class NE-5, Berkshire Scenic Railway, Housatonic Street, 413-637-2210
Littleton       MA    ?            Boston & Maine Depot, with B&M boxcars, Dave Erickson, owner
Marshfield      MA    ?            14?? Ocean Street
Middleboro      MA    NH           Everett Road, 0.2 miles north of Cross Street
Palmer          MA    ?            Quaboag Transfer Office
Quincy          MA    CR           Four Railroad Properties?, LOCATION?
Deer Park       MD    PRR/WM?      4 wheel, private, LOCATION?
Greensboro      MD    PRR 477532   no markings, ex-PC 22982, ex-CR 20062, Chesapeake Railroad, John Meise, owner
Sykesville      MD    RDG 94003    as SPAX 8110, ex-CR 18832, Class N-4A, Farm & Home
Ann Arbor       MI    CR           Pleasant Lake Road, south of town
Clinton         MI    CR 19851     or 19882?, ex-NH C305, ex-CR/PC 23821, Southern Michigan Railroad, blt. 1944, 517
Dearborn        MI    EL 361       as CR 21160, L. A. Martin Co., 14400 Hern, 48126
Grand Haven     MI    C&O A986     as PM A986, Park, Jackson Av. @ N First St., w/PM 1223 loco & PM 1000 Fairmont se
Jasper          MI    ?            Pool House, Treat Highway and Codling Road
Lansing?        MI    ?            Grand Trunk Western Capitol Hill Station, South Washington Avenue, GONE TO?
Lapeer          MI    CR           Amtrak Station
Saginaw         MI    PRR          as CR, Class N5c, Dr. Jan Gromada, ex-PM Roundhouse, Bluewater Chapter, NRHS
St. Ignace      MI    ?            Gandy Dancer Restaurant, Depot
Traverse City   MI    GTW/PRR?     2 cabooses?, Depot Bank, other cars, info/Jeff Williams, 3095 Norwood Dr., Adrian
?               NH    L&NE?        sand pit, near coast, LOCATION?
Groveton        NH    ?            as JR, at covered bridge, with 0-4-0T steam locomotive
Meredith        NH    ?            several cabooses, Winnipesaukee Scenic RR, off Rt 3, 603-745-2135, summer - 603-2
North Conway    NH    L&NE 571     ex-B&M C90, wood, Conway Scenic Railroad
North Hampton   NH    CR?          Mel's Truck Sales, 603-964-5265, cabooses FOR SALE
Tilton          NH    L&NE 584     Merrimack Valley Railroad, Freight House
Twin Mountain   NH    ?            KOA Kampground
Allaire         NJ    CNJ 91245    wood, on 3' trucks, built 1922, Pine Creek Railroad, New Jersey Museum of Transpo
Bayonne?        NJ    CNJ 91545    Walter Matuch, POB 742, 07002, 201-858-4980, in Pennsylvania?
Buena           NJ    PRR          as CR 19033R, Class N-5, Campground, Rt 40
Kinnelon        NJ    EL 119       as CR 46111, Carmin Iuele, LOCATION?
Long Branch     NJ    DL&W 907     as ERIE C907, Casey Jones Restaurant, with boxcar
Mahwah          NJ    ERIE 04940   wood, Depot
Morristown      NJ    EL C356      built 1969, Erie Lackawanna Historical Society, Morristown & Erie Railway
Morristown      NJ    M&E          or Cedar Knolls,  Morristown & Erie Railroad Yard
New Foundland   NJ    PRR          wood, NYS&W Station, Bill Gentz, owner
Passaic         NJ    NYC?         Hot Dog Stand, LOCATION?
Phillipsburg    NJ    L&HR 16      Phillipsburg Railroad Historians, 292 Chambers Street, 08865
Plainfield      NJ    Erie C178    ex-EL 178, Cr 46107, Jim Clark, LOCATION?
Port Murray     NJ    L&NE 581?    Tri State Chapter, National Railway Historical Society
Ridgefield Park NJ    CNJ 91544    as CR 18863, Class N-4B, built 6/42, United Railroad Historical Society of New Je
Ridgefield Park NJ    RDG 92887    as CR 18752, Class N-4, built 3/41, United Railroad Historical Society of New Jer
Ringoes         NJ    RDG          as Black River & Western Railroad 200, ex-Cornwall, 908-782-9600, built 1926
Ringoes         NJ    ERIE C140    ex-CR 46106, built 1940, Dunmore, Pennsylvania, Black River & Western Railroad, p
Ringoes         NJ    NYC 21541    as Belvidere & Delaware 474, "Green Frog", steel, bay window
Rio Grande      NJ    CR 14034?    transfer, Class N-11, Cape May Seashore Lines
Secaucus        NJ    NH           Class NE-5, Secaucus Duck Pond, Park
Vineland        NJ    PRR 478038   Class N8, ex-CR 23385, LOCATION?
Whippany        NJ    ERIE C177    ex-PC 46197, built 1945, Jersey Central Chapter, NRHS, Whippany Railway Museum
Whippany        NJ    CNJ 91529    Morristown & Erie Railway Yard, private owner
Winslow         NJ    CNJ          Egg Harbor Road, 1 mile south of tracks
Winslow         NJ    LV 95070     as CR 18683, built 6/39, Southern Railroad of New Jersey Yard
Winslow         NJ    PRR          as Amtrak, built 4/19, Southern Railroad of New Jersey Yard
Winslow         NJ    LV?          as Southern Railroad of New Jersey 911002
Arkville        NY    PRR          Class N-5, Delaware & Ulster Railroad, Rt 28, 607-652-2821
Avoca           NY    CR 19095     ex-PRR/PC, Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415, 14809, 607-566-2216
Avoca           NY    CR 22807     ex-PRR 477809/PC, Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415, 14809, 607-566-2216
Avoca?          NY    PRR          wood, cupola, Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415, 14809, 607-566-2216
Binghamton?     NY    EL C316      ex-Erie, ex-CR, Lackawanna Railroad Depot, going to Cooperstown Junction or Vesta
Brisben         NY    ?            LOCATION?
Campbell Hall   NY    CR           Conrail Office, Lewis Street, near Middletown. NY
Canaseraga      NY    NYC 16969    Lacy Acres Museum, Allegany Co. 15a
Cheektowaga     NY    N&W 518438   as Erie N-3366, Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart, 3366 Union Road at Walden, 14225, 716
Croton          NY    PRR 477309   as CR 20063, ex-PC 22984, Croton East Yard, FOR SALE?
Eden Center     NY    PC 24507     as CR 24507, Class N-12, Buffalo Southern Railroad Depot
Gowanda         NY    PRR 477418   as CR 19237R, ex-PC 19237R, New York & Lake Erie Railroad, 50 Commercial St., 716
Hamburg         NY    ERIE C216    ex-EL C216, ex-CR 46196R, steel, Western New York Railroad Hist. Soc., from Cheek
Hamburg         NY    CR 19907     ex-CR 22010, ex-EL, ex-DLW 906, steel, 1953, Western NY RR Hist. Soc., Union & Sc
Hamburg         NY    CR           ex-PC, Buffalo Southern Railroad, Union & Scott Streets
Hammondsport?   NY    ERIE?        southwest of town, along right of way, Bath & Hammondsport Railroad, Water Street
Highland        NY    NH           Information Office
Horseheads      NY    DL&W 738     Elmira Historical Society
Industry        NY    NYC 19877    built 1921, Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, NY Rt 251
Industry?       NY    DL&W 619     at Hamburg?, as Genesee & Wyoming 8, New York Mus. of Trans., s. of Rochester, 71
Livingston      NY    ERIE C115    as NYO&W?, ex-EL 115, ex-CR 46102, Tourist Information Office, Rt 17
Mt. Pleasant    NY    LV 94071     as CR 18617, built 1937, Catskill Mountain Railroad, Rt 28, 914-688-7400
North Tonawanda NY    ERIE C348    Depot, 111 Oliver Street, Niagara Frontier Chapter, NRHS
Olcott          NY    ?            Information Center
Owego           NY    NYC 20340    as Rail, ex-CR 21559, Class N-7A, Owego & Harford Railroad, with passenger cars
Pharsalia       NY    LV 95137?    LOCATION?
Pittsford       NY    P&S 16?      Schoen Place
Rome?           NY    R&FB         Rome & Fort Bull Railroad, Erie Canal Village, Rt 49, west of town
Roscoe          NY    NYO&W 8487   ex-ERIE C110/EL 110/CR 46109 , Ontario & Western RR Museum, Railroad Avenue, near
South Buffalo   NY    DL&W 880     ex-CR 19900, Ed Rost & Terry Sprague, owners, from Renovo, PA
Suffern         NY    ERIE C340    Class N-7D, with New York & Greenwood Lake Railway RS-3, going to Dundee, NJ?
Syracuse        NY    LV           Amtrak Station, with other cars owned by Empire State Railway Museum, Phoenicia
Syracuse        NY    NYC          steel, bay window, New York State Fairground, other equipment, Central New York C
Tonawanda       NY    CR?          as TTRR, steel, streamlined cupola, Walter M. Kenney Field, Colvin Avenue & Brigh
Utica           NY    CR 20076     ex-PC 22983/19573, ex-PRR 477594, Children's Museum, Bagg's Square District, 315-
Warwick         NY    L&HR 81      wood, 4 wheel, Shingle House Museum, Warwick Historical Society, Forester Avenue
Wayland         NY    DL&W         as Gunlocke, Gunlocke Estate Park, Rt 36
Williamsville   NY    NYC 19682    wood, built 1942, Old Red Mill Inn, 8326 Main Street/Rt 5, 716-633-7878
Ada             OH    PRR 477779   ex-CR22834, Class N5b, built at Altoona, PA, 1941, Depot, Central Avenue
Bedford?        OH    CR 23117     ex-PRR 478015, Class N-5C, southeast of Cleveland, LOCATION?
Blacklick       OH    C&O 90716    1414 Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road, north of town, FOR SALE
Cambridge       OH    PRR 477965   Dan Adair, ex-PC/CR 22047?, N5C, 12044 East Pike, 43725, from Dennison, OH
Canton          OH    LV           Red Caboose Ice Cream, Gullivers Truck Stop, I-77, Exit 101, from Barberton, Ohio
Carlisle        OH    NYC 18006    as CR 18006, ex-PC 18006, first NYC Class N6A, built 1966, across from 453 Park D
Carroll         OH    NYC 21039    as CR 21039, N-7B, ex-PC 21039, Brian Maiher, 3670 Havensport Road, from Homersvi
Cedarville      OH    PRR 477725   as CR 22875, ex-PC 22875, 21 Miller Street, on NYC trucks
Cleveland       OH    PRR 477317   as CR 19381R, ex-PC 19381, Class N5, Chatfield Steel, 15401 Chatfield Avenue
Columbus        OH    PRR?         steel, transfer, Northfork Saloon Patio Bar, 1034 Perry
Crestline       OH    LV           1869 McNeil at Rt 61, south side of town
Dennison?       OH    CR 21498     Class N-7C, ex-P&E, ex-NYC/PC 21498, old railroad yard, southeast of Depot, GONE
Friendsville    OH    P&S 165      8706 Friendsville Road, burned, from Northern Ohio Railway Mus., Walt Stoner, 216
Germantown      OH    PRR 477516   as CR 19145, Class N-5, ex-PC 19145, South Mulberry Street at Jefferson Street
Greenford?      OH    NYC 17944    Greenford Hobby & Pattern Shop, 5710 Rt 165, GONE TO? or BURNED?
Harlem          OH    NYC          wood, cupola, Bishop, 7142 Harlem Road, just north of Smothers Road, Hoover Reser
Hubbard         OH    ERIE         as CR, behind Emerald Diner
Kinsman         OH    NYC          wood, no cupola, no trucks, 8304 State Street, Tillotson Avenue signs on both end
Logan           OH    CR 23158     ex-PRR 477842, Class N-5C, Indiana & Ohio Railroad Yard
Mantua          OH    ERIE 04961   Coffee Caboose, Mantua Station Drug Company, State Rt 44
Marion          OH    EL C306      ex-CR 21125, Union Station
Maumee          OH    NYC?         Fricker's Restaurant Office (inside), Route 20, ex-Victoria Station/Chattanooga
Mechanicstown   OH    CR 22797     as Ohi-Rail 22797, ex-NYC 20232, Tom Barnett, 6200 Salineville Road, NE, 44651, 2
Mineral Ridge   OH    CR           no markings, 3311? Ohltown Road/OH Rt 46
Minerva         OH    NYC 20480    ex-CR, Depot, Valley Street at McKinley Street
Nelsonville     OH    RDG 94028    as CR 18836, Class N4-A, Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad
New London      OH    CNJ 91539    Rt 60?
No. Kingsville  OH    NYC?         wood, cupola, no trucks, 3456 SR 531, collapsed
No. Ridgeville  OH    CR?          Santa Fe Express Restaurant, Center Ridge Road
North Industry  OH    CR 21032     ex-NYC 21032, Class N-7B, Briggle Avenue, Adrian Slesnick?, 216-484-1101
Norwalk?        OH    EL 317       as CR 21105, Tim Maihir, moving to Carroll, Ohio?, CAN'T FIND!
Orrville        OH    PRR          Dabo Industries, with other equipment, southwest of town, FOR SALE?
Orrville?       OH    CR 19358R    ex-PRR 478888, ex-PC 19358, Class N5, sold to Canton Jeweler, GONE TO?
So. Charleston  OH    ERIE C235    as CR 19668, Class N-3A, ex-EL 235, Colonial Stair & Window Co., Huntington Road,
So. Charleston  OH    PRR 477920   as CR 23044, Class N-5C, ex-PC 23044, east end of Landmark storage tracks
St. Marys       OH    CR 21605     ex-NYC/PC, Larry Crouse, Auctioneer, North Spruce
Steubenville    OH    PRR 477758   as CR 22811, ex-PC 22811, Class N5B, built 1947, New Marina
Steubenville    OH    PRR 477706   as PRR 22841, Class N5C, built 2/41, Information Center, Rt 7 & Washington
Stony Ridge     OH    C&O 903326   as NYC 45040, ex-LV, ex-TT 90, 5110 Libbey Road, north of town
Swanton         OH    DL&W 910     McDonald's Restaurant
Trotwood        OH    B&O 903004   as B&O C3004, Depot, with PRR 477970
Urbana          OH    PRR          wood, no trucks, Class NX23, W. Court St., behind Gates Brothers Glass, poor cond
Waterville      OH    CR 19189     ex-PC 19189, ex-PRR 477600, Toledo, Lake Erie & Western Railroad
Wellington      OH    LV 95026     ex-CR 18628, West Herrick Road (Rt 18), near Fairground, Fritz "?", owner
Xenia Township  OH    NYC 19293    wood, Dave Huber Farm, ex-Fairborn Yard Office, with Dayton-Xenia Railway Company
Youngstown?     OH    PRR 478012   as CR 23117, N5c, Mahoning Valley Railroad Heritage Association, Youngstown Sheet
Altoona         PA    PRR 477577   ex-CR 19031?, N5, Railroaders Memorial Museum, with other equipment
Bellefonte      PA    BFC 103      ex-NH, Bellefonte Central Railroad/Bellefonte Historical RR Train Station, 814-35
Bridgeport      PA    CR 18645     ex-LV 95002, Anthracite Railroad Historical Society
Brookville?     PA    P&S 190      ex-Reading, Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad, 412-543-2121, GONE TO?
Brookville?     PA    P&S 196      ex-Lehigh Valley, Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad, 412-543-2121, GONE TO?
Brownsville     PA    MON 71       steel, cupola, Monongahela Railroad, Nemacolin Castle, donated by Conrail
Burnham         PA    AMTRAK       as KC 4502, 4503, 4504, & 4505, Standard Steel, still here?
Cambridge Sprgs PA    ERIE 049??   wood, no trucks, Cabin, LOCATION?
Catawissa       PA    ATSF 1717    no cupola, ex-PC/CR 18446, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski, from Renovo, PA
Catawissa       PA    CR 18722     ex-RDG 92837, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski, from Renovo, PA
Catawissa       PA    EL 237       ex-Erie C267, ex-CR 19662, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski, from Renovo, PA
Catawissa       PA    CR 19843     ex-NH 605, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski, from Renovo, PA
Catawissa       PA    PC 18381     transfer, Class N-9E, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski, owner
Center Square   PA    ?            ERIE or PM?, Chinique Salon, 1093 Dekalb Pike/US 202
Chambersburg    PA    PRR 477045   Class N-5, blt. 4/16, Cumberland Valley RR Yard, Grant St., Cumberland Valley Cha
Clarks Mills    PA    PRR          wood, Rt 1011, 2+ miles west off Lake Wilhelm Road
Cresson?        PA    NYC          as CR, Railroad Park, from Altoona, PA
Cressona        PA    LV 95116     David R. Gamble, owner, LOCATION?
Cressona        PA    NYC 21010    Buck Moyer, owner, LOCATION?
Derry           PA    PRR 477829   as PRR 23115, ex-PC 23115, N5C, built March 1942, Railroader Heritage Park
Donora          PA    MON          LOCATION?
East Emporium   PA    PRR          Class N-5C, LOCATION?
Eldorado        PA    PRR 477802   ex-RDG? as N5, blt 4/42, Benzel's Pretzel Outlet Store, 6th Ave./Rt 764 at 53rd S
Ephrata         PA    CR 23210     ex-PRR 478030? or 478201?, ex-PC 23210, Class N8, near Depot
Erie            PA    PRR 980854   wood, FOR SALE, Teri, 814-927-6620
Export          PA    PRR          Class N5, Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad, near Export Tire, Kennedy Avenue
Gaines          PA    B&O C2654    ex-BR&P, ex-WAG, at Ice Cream Shop, Manhattan, also 2 homemade cabooses
Gap             PA    NYC          as LSX 1992, ex-CR 21631, Loose Caboose Campground Office, near Strasburg
Glenburn        PA    EL C267      ex-CR 19677, steel, cupola, Depot Municipal Offices
Greenville      PA    LV           Depot Shop
Hanover Towhshi PA    PNER?        ex-Pocono Northeast Railroad?, Air Products
Harrisburg      PA    PRR          Class N-5C, West Hanover Township Park, US 22, east of town
Homer City      PA    P&S?         steel, LOCATION?
Ivyland         PA    DL&W 723     ex-Raritan River?, Apartments, Wilson Avenue, from Depot Restaurant, Philadelphia
Jim Thorpe      PA    CNJ 91530    Joe Karper, owner
Jim Thorpe      PA    D&H 35798    ex-RDG 94117, built 10/71, Butch Mielke and John Stoudt, owners
Jim Thorpe      PA    EL C333      ex-CR, Rail Tours Inc., Andy & Dave Hudock, owners
Jim Thorpe      PA    NYC 21041    ex-CR, bay window, Al Ludeke, owner
Jim Thorpe      PA    PRR 478078   Class N-5, Bob & Bill Michelle, owners
Jim Thorpe      PA    RDG 92948    wood, Rail Tours Inc.
Jim Thorpe      PA    RDG 94050    as CR 18848, Rail Tours Inc.
Kempton         PA    L&NE 512     Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad, 610-756-6469
Kempton         PA    RDG 92936    wood, Class NMn, built 9/42, Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern RR, 610-756-6469
Kinzua          PA    PRR 477768   as CR 22966?, Class N5, for rent
Lake City       PA    CR/PC? 19876 ex-CR 23876, ex-NH C567, Red Eye Express Ice Cream Shop, near Depot, Rice Avenue/
Landisville     PA    CR 20060     ex-PRR 477080, Class N-5b, Landesville Railroad
Landisville     PA    CR 23620     ex-NH C634?, Landisville Railroad
Leesport        PA    D&H 35797    ex-RDG 94116, Class NEa, Reading Technical & Historical Society
Leesport        PA    RDG 92832    Class NMj, built 3/36, Reading Technical & Historical Society
Lemoyne         PA    PRR 477046   Class N5, Storage Depot, 350 South 7th Street, 717-761-1991
Leola           PA    PC           steel, bay window, Class N-12, L&S Sweeteners Office
Lewisburg       PA    EL C338      ex-CR 21138, West Shore Rail Excursions, Delta Place Station, Rt 15, 2 miles nort
Lewisburg       PA    RDG 92827    West Shore Rail Excursions or Central Pennsylvania Chapter, NRHS?
Lickville       PA    PRR          Class N6B, southeast of I-81, near Rt 72 exit
Lilly           PA    ?            Lititz?, on mountain?, LOCATION?
McClellandtown  PA    MON          former building at Ben Meadow Run Yard, Larry Skochelak, Rt 21, Box 76
Mechanicsburg   PA    USN?         3 cabooses, Naval Ships Parts Control Center
MiddleLancaster PA    ERIE C128    ex-CR 46100, no trucks, Rt 19
Milan           PA    LV 95065     as CR 18642, Depot
Mill Hall       PA    PRR          as CR?, Class N5C, Old Train Station Restaurant
Miola           PA    PRR?         cupola, no trucks, Hunting Cabin, Cooks Forest Road, left .8 miles at Stone Churc
Monroeville     PA    SOU          Naples Station Restaurant, US 22, ex-Victoria Station, ex-Maggie Mae Resaurant
Mt. Pocono      PA    L&NE         2nd caboose here?, no markings, wood, 4 wheel, Memorytown USA, Grange Road, 18344
New Castle      PA    RDG?         ex-70, Clark's Photo Express, Depot, Washington Street, 658-5215
New Castle      PA    PRR 478034   Industrial Road, south end, Jack B. Zines, owner, from Minerva, Ohio
New Freedom     PA    CR 20043?    ex-PRR 477797?, Class N5B, built 8/41, York County Rail/Trail Authority
New Freedom     PA    L&HR 17      wood, North Central Railway, poor condition
New Freedom     PA    RDG 92891    ex-CR 18750, Rich Hafer, 5 Overbrook Drive, Bel Air, MD, 410-879-0994
New Hope        PA    RDG 92857    Class NMk, blt 6/37, New Hope & Ivyland Railroad, West Bridge Street/Rt 179, 215-
New Oxford      PA    PRR 476582   ex-Strasburg 11, wood, 4 wheel, Depot, US 30
North East      PA    NYC 20054?   Lake Shore Rwy Hist Soc Museum, POB 571, 16428, 814-825-2724, Burt Page, 814-725-
Northampton     PA    ?            LOCATION?
Northumberland  PA    PRR 476052   wood, 4 wheel, Class N4, Jeff Pontius, owner
Orbisonia       PA    CR 19137     ex-PRR 477129/38?, to be Bunkhouse, Rockhill Trolley Museum, POB 203, 17249, 717-
Pecan           PA    PC 15257     Class N5, Vision Quest, Rt 8
Philadelphia    PA    PRR 477863   Class N8, Juniata Terminal
Pittsburgh?     PA    NYC          Station Square, south part, to Imperial, Pennsylvania?
Pocopson        PA    EL C366      ex-ERIE C366, ex-CR 21153, built 1969, Ace Hardware, Rt 926
Pocopson        PA    PRR 477822   ex-PC 23145, ex-CR 23145, Class N-5C, built 9/42, Ace Hardware
Pocopson        PA    CR 23602     ex-NH/PC, CR Class N8B, Ace Hardware
Port Clinton    PA    LV           steel, cupola, Union House Bed & Breakfast, Rt 61, 610-562-4076
Punxsutawney    PA    P&S 191      ex-NH/RDG?, Paul Hense, Scotland Road, from Brookville, PA
Rimersburg      PA    P&S          Cabin, north on Rt 68
Saxton          PA    HBTM 16      ex-PRR?, wood, cupola, 4 wheel, Huntington & Broad Top Mtn. RR, Rt 913, Stonersto
Sayre           PA    LV 95011     other Lehigh Valley cabooses in area?, Lehigh Valley Depot Museum and Shops
Scranton        PA    L&NE 580     Steamtown National Historical Site, Claremont & Concord
Scranton        PA    RUT 28       Steamtown National Historical Site, Claremont & Concord
Scranton        PA    D-L C30      steel, transfer, Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad, 701 Wyoming Avenue, 18509, 717-343
State College   PA    P&S 195      ex-Lehigh Valley, Bob Hines, 814-355-0899, 814-238-6754 (work)
Stone Church    PA    L&HR 11      Beck's Tree Farm, Stone Church Road, east of Rt 611, with Reading 40' boxcar, 610
Strasburg       PA    LV 2606      wood, 4 wheel, Railroad Museum of Penn., Box 15, 17579, 717-687-8628, from Willia
Strasburg       PA    PRR 477847   or 477947?, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Box 15, 17579, 717-687-8628
Strasburg       PA    EL 308       L&N placard, ex-CR 21144, Unit 31-E, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6
Strasburg       PA    NH C567      as Canadian Pacific, Unit 30F, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg       PA    PRR 477559?  N5, Missouri Pacific placard, Unit 2-F, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-68
Strasburg       PA    PRR 477559?  N5, Southern placard, Unit 4F, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    PRR 477559?  N5, as New Haven, Unit 6-S, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    PRR 477559?  N5, to be D&H, Units 8N & 8S, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    PRR 477559?  N5, as D&RGW, Unit 10-S, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    PRR          N5c, as Conrail, Unit 25-E, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    PRR 477559?  N5, as Wabash, Unit 32-S, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    PRR 477559?  N5, Arcade, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    RDG          Cotton Belt placard, Unit 12-F, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    RDG          Reading placard, Unit 14-F, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    RDG          Chessie placard, Unit 16-F, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    RDG          Seaboard Air Line placard, Unit 18-F, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-
Strasburg       PA    RDG          as Western Maryland, Unit 21-E, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg       PA    RDG          as Reading 9225, Demonstration Unit, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6
Summerhill      PA    PRR?         on hill, east of Rt 219, NE of Johnstown
Tamaqua         PA    CR           ex-NH, ex-PC, Reading Station
Temple?         PA    RDG 92885?   Blue Mountain & Reading Railroad, Station Street, POB 433, Hamburg, 19526
Titusville      PA    PRR 477638   ex-CR 20040/22929, ex-OC&T 2, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville      PA    CR           as OVHX 1001, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot, 814-
Titusville      PA    CR           as OVHX 1003, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot, 814-
Titusville      PA    CR           as OVHX 1005, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot, 814-
Titusville      PA    CR           as OVHX 1007, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot, 814-
Titusville      PA    CR           as OVHX 1009, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot, 814-
Titusville      PA    LV 95016     as OVHX 1011, N-5G, ex-Cr 18629, Casey's Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusvil
Titusville      PA    LV 95069?    as OVHX 1013, N-5G, ex-CR 18661, Casey's Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusvil
Titusville      PA    NH           as OVHX 1015, NE-6, ex-PC/CR 19830, Casey's Caboose Stop, near Oil Creek & Titusv
Titusville      PA    LV 95058     as OVHX 1017, N-5G, ex-CR 18630, Casey's Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusvil
Titusville      PA    SOU 3137     as OVHX 1019, N-5H, ex-PC/CR 18435, Casey's Caboose Stop, near Oil Creek & Titusv
Topton          PA    PRR 478881   as East Penn Railway?, Buck Moyer, owner
Topton?         PA    LV 95087     as CR 18693, Paul Troutman, owner, now in Kutztown or Leesport?
Trafford        PA    PRR 492063/5 wood, 4 wheel, Chelsa Distributing, Trafford Commerce Center, GOING TO?
Uniontown       PA    MON 54       as MRY 54, ex-PL&E, Edward Mitchell, Evans Manor, 1 mi. n. on old Rt 19/Connellsv
Vera Cruz       PA    CNJ          no markings, steel, cupola, Acorn & Bleiler Roads, Rob Roy, owner
Washington      PA    MON 73       Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, Monongahela Railroad, 412-228-9256
Wattsburg       PA    NH C567      ex-CR 19876/23876, Class NE-5, Red Eye Express Restaurant, Rt 84, Harry Bemmis, o
West Point      PA    PRR          as Reading, Class N5, near Colorcon Company, 415 Moyer Boulevard
Williams Grove  PA    PRR 980894   Class N6B, Williams Grove Park, at rear entrance to Williams Grove Amusement Park
Williams Grove  PA    ?            no trucks, Williams Grove Amusement Park
Womelsdorf      PA    NH 514       as RDG 92937, ex-PC 19819, ex-CR 23813, McDonald's Restaurant Party Room, US 422
Wycombe         PA    PRR 477641   PC/CR 22899, built May 1941, near Reading/New Hope & Ivyland Depot
Newport         RI    PRR          steel, built 1938, Old Colony & Newport Scenic Railway, 19 America's Cup Av., 401
Grand Isle      VT    D&H          H. Lawrence McCrorey, Westshore Road
St. Albans      VT    PRR 477643   as CR 20029, Class N-5B, LOCATION?
Lake Geneva     WI    LV           5 cabooses, End of the Line Vacation Station, 301 East Town Line Road, 800-747-RA
Laona           WI    ?            Nicolet Scenic Railroad, east of town, 715-674-6309 or 800-752-1465
Charleston      WV    EL 364       as CR 21162, Amherst Industries, east side of town
Milliken?       WV    ?            northeast of Charleston, southeast of airport, CAN'T FIND

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