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These QuickTime video clips were taken aboard N-8 PRR 478173 on a trip from Stewartstown to New Freedom and back. The date was October 19, 1996, the weather was cool and rainy, thanks to the fire in the coal stove the cabin was warm and cozy. If you choose to download the movies please have patience, they are large files.

Motive power was Stewartstown 10, a GE 44 tonner.
Cabin PRR 478173 by George Pitz.
Video by T.W.Wolfgang.
QuickTime conversion by Tom Wolfgang and Tom Gotwalt or Patrick Besong

Locomotive coupling up for the return trip, from the platform.
25 seconds, with audio, file size 2.8M, Tom and Tom.
Download movie.

The view from the rear platform. Shows my son Billy enjoying the ride.
25 seconds, with audio, file size 2.4M, Tom and Tom.
Download movie.

This is a combination of 3 short clips looking out of the cupola.
33 seconds, file size 1.9M, Tom and Tom.
Download movie.

A view around the inside of the cupola.
26 seconds, file size 1.8M, Patrick Besong.
Download movie.

The ride back, 44 tonner working hard right in front of cabin, great horn sounds.
25 seconds, with audio, file size 2.9M, Patrick Besong.
Download movie.

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