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CR 18444 in fresh paint running in the middle of a train at Summit Cut in 1978.
Photo by Charlie Bowyer (43k each)

CR N-5K 18446 at Catawissa, PA, before restoration.
Photo by Walter Gosciminski (50k)
One of the two peaked roof cars, on the PC in '74 or '75 at Sprinfield, OH
Photo by Jim Hebner (51k)

Detail photos for modeling these unique cars. The end view is taken from the end opposite the cupola. The side views are placed in relationship to the end view. Upper images of the cupola end, lower ones of the other end. Photos by T.W.Wolfgang, Thanks to Walt for access to the car. File sizes about 45k.

Former CR N-5K on the Buffalo Creek and Lewisburg, September '97. This may be CR 18445 can anyone verify this?
Photo by George Rovenolt (51k)
Walt Gosciminski's N-5K and N-3A being transported to his location in Catawissa, PA.
Photo by Walter Gosciminski (63k)

N-5K Class Data
7 conveyed 6 renumbered 18443-18449 ex PC 18443-18449 ex ATSF.
A finalist in the ugly caboose award contest. Steel offset cupola, cupola roof lowered, most windows blanked and bays added. Round roof cars originally built for the Sante Fe in 1928 by AC&F. The two peaked roof cars were built by the Sante Fe in 1949. Purchased and modified by the PC in 1970. 18444 thru 18447 have a rounded roof and 18448 and 18449 have a peaked roof. 18448 was never repainted and scrapped 9/21/80. At least two of this class have been preserved, 18446 and another round roof car on the Buffalo Creek & Lewisburg. Jim Hebner was able to examine and photograph this car closely and matched a repair to photos of 18445 in service. Are there any Sante Fe modelers out there that can add anything?

Outline created from photos and measurements of CR 18446,
end view on the right is the cupola end.
by T.W.Wolfgang.

N-5K Dimensions
Length over
33' 9" 28' 7" 18' 9" 9' 6" 10' 10" 11' 6" 12' 6" 48100

Source : Measurements of CR 18446

Modeling the N-5K
Athearn or Roco 34 foot cupola caboose would be a good start for an HO scale model of the round roof cars. Cut down the cupola, fill in the windows with styrene, I would use clear sheet stock and mask off the two windows on the one side that are not blanked. Fabricate a bay window, see drawing and pattern. The stove stack must be moved to the cupola roof. Make a duplicate of the box on the underframe and install it on the other side of the car. The brake valve is also quite visible below the side sill, see photo above. The side panels on the peaked roof cars appear to be the same, if a proper roof is available the last two cars in the series can be modeled also.

There was(is?) an N scale version of a similar car.(I have one, but there is no manufacturer shown on it.)

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Articles about the N-5K
  • "Conrail Cabooses," Frank A. Czubryt, Jr. Rails Northeast. Oct. '81, Pages 22-35.
    Photos and class number information.
    • CR 18449, b&w.

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