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CR 24548 at the former Conrail Yard in Walcott Square in the Readville section of Boston, MA on June 12, 1999. Photos by Ralph B. Carter, 29k and 58k. See more of Ralph's Conrail photos.

CR 24521, an early partial repaint.
Photo by Charlie Bowyer (67k)

CR 24544, Arlington, VA after 4 years of Conrail ownership in April, 1979.
Photo by Dick Leonhardt (51k)
End view of CR 24534 on the rear of a Van train, Wellesley Hills, MA in July, 1978.
Photo by Dick Leonhardt (82k).

CR 24524, alive, repainted and well on May 5th 1998. It's been doing duty in the East Altoona Yards for the past month or so, now.
Photo by Keith Burkey (63k)
CR 24531 in a 'Quality' scheme.
Photo by Bob Waller (44k).

CR 24544 at Bridge One, Cleveland OH.
Photo by George Elwood (67k)
PC 24529 at Summerdale, PA on April 27, 1975.
Photo by Jim Hebner (72k)

Interior view of PC 24520 from the A end.
From the collection of Stephen J. Agostini (44k)
Interior view of PC 24520 from the B end.
From the collection of Stephen J. Agostini (57k)

N-12 Class Data
50 cars 24500-24549 ex PC 24500-24549.
Bay window type, small bay, welded, built 1970 and 1971 by International Car Company.

Outlines created from from photograph of PC 24525 and others by T.W.Wolfgang.

Modeling the N-12
HO kitbash
This class could be kitbashed based on Athearn or Walthers bay window caboose. Make new sides, ends and bays. Roof, floor, platforms and trucks from kit can be used. Northeast Railroading June 1991.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

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