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Mystery Cars

Niagra Junction
I found this photo of NJ ?? in Railfan ???? on page ?? it is credied to ?? Is this a Niagra Junction car or someone else? I don't see any wires in the photo.

Raritan River
This Raritan River caboose strongly resembles the New Haven NE-5 class cars, did the RR have any more? The photo was found on George Elwood's Fallen Flag ??, photo by ????

Along with their contribution of a single Baldwin to the locomotive fleet the little Ironton also owned this ex Reading caboose. The photo was published in Railroad Model Crafsman ??? on page ??, photo is credited to ??

Detroit Terminal
What happened to Detroit Terminal's transfer cabooses cabooses #33-42 that were built by Whitehead and Kales in River Rouge, MI. They appear to have been built to NYC N-9 or N-9E specs as the Terminal was half owned by the NYC.

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