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Cabooses in Context

Cabooses as they were meant to be, in action on the rear end of a train.
Photos by T.W.Wolfgang unless noted.

caboose N-21 21286 with GP15-1 on the Northeast Corridor at Holmesburg Junction in July '97. Photo by Stan Feldman. Take a look around the rest of Stan's site, lots of great stuff.

caboose An N-21 bringing up the rear of the Tropicanna Juice train passing Veteran's Stadium in Phildelphia, PA. The power on this train was a trio of E44s so it was probably taken in the early '80s. 95k.

caboose An N-7 and an N-7D at the hump in Rutherford yard with an SD38/MT-6 pair. Photo taken in early '80s. 113k.

caboose An N-8 on the rear end of a Pittsburgh and Shawmut unit train in the eastbound receiving yard at Rutherford. 77k.

caboose N-9 18547 with an N-8 and a Chessie 'northeastern' design car at Rutherford Yard. 77k.

caboose An N-5B and a pair of N-8s heading west just after crossing Shock's Mill bridge near Saginaw, PA. 77k.

caboose Four cars from four different roads, ex PRR 477618 N-5B 20072, then an ex RDG N4/N-4A, an ex LV N-5G and an ex PC N-11/11E in the wesbound departure yard at Enola, February 1983. 89k.

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