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CR 21280 and 21303 at Altoona, PA on October 2, 1999. The latest info that I have indicates these cars belong to NS and are destined for use in one of the the SAAs. Photos by Jeff and Josh Lubchansky (95k and 66k). 21300 is also painted this way.

Jeff has a lot of other railroad photos at Josh and Jeff's Website. Check it out!

Lon Godshall also caught CR 21303 on the move in train at Allentown, PA on November 14, 1999 (94k). Also headed for one of the SAAs, CSX repainted former CR 21241(originally reported as 21247) at Altoona on September 9, 1999. Photo updated December 24, 1999.
Lon Godshall (51k)

CR 21259 on May 2, 1999 in Moraine, OH.
Tim Frederick (43k)
CR 21227 and 21240 Arlington, VA not far from where they were built, in April, 1979.
Dick Leonhardt (82k)

Conrail 21257 is owned by the Western Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society. The car was donated by Conrail and is seen here June 7, 1997 after arriving at their Museum in New Castle, PA. The interior has been completely restored and the exterior is awating repainting. Brandon Denucci (71k)

CR 21222 in an Operation Lifesaver/Quality scheme.
Bob Waller (74k)
CR 21268 in somewhat abused condition.

CR 21294 in what looks like the factory applied pint scheme.
From the collection of Stephen J. Agostini (62k)
CR 21256 in the Operation Lifesaver scheme at Wilmington, DE in May 1995.
Stan Feldman (66k)

CR 21219 at Stanley Yard near Toledo, OH on 6/28/97. It was in the middle of a cut of cars. Note the sloppy job with the white spray paint!
Jeff Feldmeier (70k)
CR 21289 trailing a freight headed for Enola off of the Rockville bridge, taken early '80s.
T.W.Wolfgang (86k)

CR 21270 at South Anderson Yards, Anderson, IN including a short story.
Roger P. Hensley (99k)
CR 21313 at Kirtland, OH.
Roger Kirkpatrick (59k)

CR N-21 at Altoona, PA eastbound on the Horseshoe Curve on Memorial Day weekend 1984. The unit behind the cabin is an ex-Pennsy SD35, hard to tell from this image however....
Doug Trueblood (45k)

N-21 Class Data
113 cars 21201-21313 bought new by Conrail in 1978.
Only cabooses bought new by Conrail, welded small bay window design built by Fruit Growers Express in Alexandria, VA. Cars have a rigid underframe, axle-mounted generator and oil heat.

Outline created from The Car and Locomotive Cyclopedia '80 and photographs by T.W.Wolfgang.

N-21 Dimensions
Length over
37' 4 1/4" 30' 0 13/16"
23' 2 1/2" 8' 11" 10' 8" 12' 2 5/8" 52,800

Sources : Rail Classics 7/88, Rails Northeast 10/81 and The Car and Locomotive Cyclopedia 1980.

Modeling the N-21
HO scale
Could be kitbashed based on Athearn or Walthers bay window caboose. Make new sides, ends and bays. Roof, floor, platforms and trucks from kit used.

Other scales?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Articles about the N-21
  • "Conrail Cabooses," Frank A. Czubryt, Jr. Rails Northeast. Oct. '81, Pages 22-35.
    Photos and class number information.
    • CR 21278, b&w.
  • Northeast Railroading, June 1991
    I don't have any detail on this article.
  • "Conrail Color Guide to Freight Equipment", Larry DeYoung, Page 18.
    Photos and informational captions.
    • CR 21254.

Drawings of the N-21
The Car and Locomotive Cyclopedia 1980 published by Simmons-Boardman, rough drawing and photos.

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