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The fleet has been split up. This page covers cars assigned to the CSX Corporation. If there is one in your area please take a picture, write down the number and e-mail it to Tom at wolfs@netrax.net. If you don't have access to a scanner send the photo to me, I'll scan it and return it. Sightings are listed from most recent to oldest. Pre-split sightings and sightings more than a year old are on separate pages.

photograph is a link to a photograph.

Class Number Spotter Date Location
N-21 21241 Lon Godshall September 9, '99 Spotted at Altoona, PA, fully repainted, originally reported as 21247, destined for the NJ SAA. photograph
N-5C 23065 Jerry Jordak via Lon Godshall August, '99 Unconfirmed! Our old brown friend in CSX blue, gray, and yellow and wearing NYC reporting marks. It supposedly is still running around Cleveland, but I haven't seen it myself yet.

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