Some additional information about CR(now NS?) 21263 from Bill Foust of Mansfield, OH.
In the ex-PRR/ex-PC/ex-CR now NS Oak street yard resides N-21 class CR 21263. NS had it restored and modernized for the local runs to Orrville, Ohio on the former Pennsy main. Previously the conductor had to ride the last car with waybills in hand to set out the correct cars at given sidings. The run was mostly a back-up move with locos pushing the train all the way. An NS brass hat rode with the local crew for a day and 2 days later 21263 was delivered for this movement. It is in Conrail blue and has heat and air conditioning! It has an axle driven generator as well as a gas powered one for when it's sitting still. It has anti-fog/shatter proof safety glass and as the yardmaster put it "a better radio than my office has!". There is another N-21 class in the yard for local work in Mansfield, but I haven't gotten a look at it's number.

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